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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    The moment I met Liam, I knew I was going to fuck him. It was obvious as he looked me up and down in the gyms showers, he wanted sex. At first he made it clear he only wanted to suck my dick, but in allowing him to go down on me as the water flowed over the pair of us, I was already in the mind set of sticking my cock between his tight looking buns.

    It was ten thirty at night, most of if not all of the other people using the gym had gone, and only my friend who manages the gym was around. Liam was a new patron and someone I'd noticed checking me out before. I thought at first it was muscle lust, as I'm well developed and fit. But the moment he stepped into the showers already erect and leering at my cock, I told myself, my wife of six years doesn't need to know.

    He by any stretch if the imagination isn't my first gay fuck. But he is my first for nearly eight years.
    With my cock pulsing and straining for release, I grabbed his shoulder length soaking wet hair and yanked him up. Turning him easily, he told me he only sucks cock. My dick was up his hole in no time and he stopped talking. His moans were of pain and concern, yet I didn't give a shit. He'd come on to me and I was going to have him.
    Pressing him into the shower wall, I encircled his chest with my arms and really began to fuck his tight arsehole. Every time he yelped or moaned louder than I thought reasonable, I thrust in deeper and harder.

    Five minutes or more of pumping into him from behind, the scenario changed suddenly. Liam stopped moaning with angst and pushed back onto my cock. I knew then he was mine and I also knew from previous gay fucks, once a guy allowed you to fully enter him, he was going to do anything you desired.

    Pulling his head back and around, I kissed him as well as power fucking him against the wall. It was so fucking horny and so of the moment, I didn't have time to pull out when I came. Spurt after spurt entered his bowels and I actually heard him through our kiss, moan with joy.

    Once I'd finished cuming up his arsehole, Liam moved me off of him, turned around and said "You've just taken my cherry". Thinking he was about to give me some grief about it, he instead dropped down, took my cock into his mouth and began to suckle on it.

    I'm forty eight, yet I still have no trouble in raising my loins. Liam's efforts didn't go to waste as I became ultra erect again. Only when I pulled him up this time, it was he who moved us.
    Joining him in the changing area, he placed a towel on the bench, lay down on his back and had me approach. Placing his feet on my chest, he asked me to fuck him. I didn't need asking twice.

    Not frantic as the first fuck had been, but with a more constant rhythm I entered him missionary and eased my cock all the way in. It was an amazing fuck and one I will never ever forget. He didn't once take his eyes off mine and in doing so, drove me crazy with lust for him.

    Moving his hand to mine, he placed it on his cock and moving my hand, had me masturbate him as he began to move in rhythm with me. It took no more than five minutes for his cock to erupt and it sprayed everywhere in small drops. Seeing him cum like that had my cock twitching and seconds later it seemed, I came again.

    When we showered for second time, we stood under the water kissing and holding one another. It was so wonderful to have him in my arms, I wanted to carry on kissing him forever.

    However we parted and Liam said he had to go. Drying off and getting dressed, we swapped numbers and I told him I'd love to spend lots more time in a more private place, getting to know him better.
    And getting to know him I have over the past eleven months. We very occasionally have sex at the gym, but more often than not he visits our home when my wife's working.

    Our sex life ended years ago, even if I was still asking her to indulge me sexually right up to meeting Liam. I don't ask her anymore and I think she's grateful I don't. Having sex with Liam has opened up my sexual world and I figure if Liam stops wanting my seven inches, then I guess I'll now always find a young guy who will.

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    That was a great story, I got excited and hard I would love so have a meeting like that, Very well written
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    I was a cute twink of a fifteen year old that couldn't take my eyes off the package a 40 year old had in the pool showers. It was perfect in size and shape, all man but not too big as to be scary.
    I too was perfect in his eyes, shyly blushing with supple lips, smooth boyishly pretty with a well rounded tight fresh ass and a small cute little prick barely feathered.
    As I had just finished sucking him I was so embarrassed by the shock of what I'd done, submitted to his command, "Suck it, you know you want to!" He then told me that he was going to fuck me. I shook my head no, "No, I don't want to, No!" As he pushed into me with his hands tightly gripping my narrow hips!

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