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    My neighbor is a much older man, married and drives a big truck. Iâve been thinking about sitting on my porch so he can see my legs when he drives by, do you think heâll notice?

    #44790 — Comments (5) — Jun 10, 2019 at 2:03 PM — That's Juicy! (4) Remove It.
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    I sure would. Throw one leg over the arm of your seat, and spread the other one so he can get a good look. Then smile sweetly when he looks your way. Keep us posted.

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    Show legs with thighs apart, and also leave couple of buttons of your blouse undone. Take care - he does not meet accident while you do it for too long!
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    I hope itâs me...
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    If that doesn't work, wash your car wearing a string bikini. 61T
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    Shave your pussy.
    Wear nothing but a long tee shirt.
    Make your nipples hard when you see him starting to drive your way.
    Then let him see your pussy and wave at the same time.

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