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    Last week, my buddy came over to my house with a new camera he bought that can shoot video underwater. What was cool was that it could stream the video right to his laptop computer. We have a pool in our backyard, so we tested it out, taking shots of each other diving into the pool, swimming underwater, that sort of thing.

    Just when we were starting to run out of ideas of what to do, my sister, 17 years old, came out and started swimming in the pool. She was wearing a bikini and I have to admit she looked pretty nice. So, no surprise, my buddy suggested I video my sister from underwater while he watched from the laptop on a table. At first, my sister kind of ignored what I was doing, but kept swimming. Then she called me over and told me to hold the camera underwater pointed at her. I did as she asked, and she pulled down her top and exposed her tits quickly. I didn't quite see her tits that well, but the camera caught what she did very clearly and my buddy let out a little "whoop!" and asked for more.

    My sister said that this better not be on tape or anything, but my buddy explained that since the video was underwater and her head was above water, nobody would know it was her body. That seemed to satisfy her, so she took her top off and began to swim around while I followed her with the camera. My buddy kept egging on my sister to show more. So, she pulled her her bottom so that it wedged into her ass crack, which is the new style on the beach. Again, my head was above water, so my view was distorted, but my buddy was clearly delighted with the high definition view from the camera.

    For the next few minutes, my sister swam around in the pool topless, with her bottom wedged into her crack. My buddy urged her to do more, and so she took off her bottom and swam around completely naked, teasing us for several minutes. I kept following her with the camera, and saw enough of her to get a raging hardon. I was also surprised to see that my sister had shaved off her pubic hair and was completely smooth, which got me excited.

    I brought the camera up close to my sister, pointing the camera between her legs. Then she looked at me and said I had to do the same -- take off my suit. I handed her the camera and took it off. She pointed it at my cock underwater and my buddy looked at me and grinned, teasing me that I had an erection from looking at my sister.

    He came over to the pool and jumped in. he took hold of the camera, he said we should make a sex film underwater and nobody would know it was the three of us. My sister said, she wouldn't make a sex film with my buddy. So, he said he would only hold the camera while we acted. I looked at him like he was crazy, but I couldn't say the feeling wasn't there. I figured that was the end of that, but my sister suddenly said, "okay, but do it quick before I change my mind."

    I was shaking like a leaf feeling all nervous and excited at the same time. My buddy stood to one side while my sister put her hands on the edge of the pool and spread her legs. I got behind my sister and rubbed my cock against her slit, trying to get in. Then I felt her hand take my dick and she guided me in. She turned around and told me not to cum inside her. I started thrusting and made little waves in the pool. My buddy held the camera underneath us, so you could see my cock going into my sister's pussy. It was strange to hear my sister moaning. From time to time, she would turn her head and look back at me. Our eyes would lock. I was feeling both excited and a little scared. At one point I slid my hand up the side of her body and felt her tits. Again she turned and looked at me, her mouth was open and she was panting. Very quickly, I could feel myself right at the edge of cumming. I told my buddy I was about to cum and I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy and began spurting underwater. I could see this milky cloud around my cock. My sister turned and looked too. We all kind of laughed nervously and then she swam to the other side of the pool, put her bikini back on and got out of the water and went back inside.

    My buddy and I went over to the laptop and watched the video. He was right. You couldn't see my face or my sisters. just our naked bodies underwater and I saw how she grasped my cock and slid it into her bald pussy. The video shot from below was really awesome, as I could see my shaft sliding in and out of my sister's pussy, and then me pulling out and cumming underwater.

    My buddy sent a copy of the video to me and I watched it that night again, and masturbated. I sent it to my sister and texted her I had just watched and jerked off. About 10 minutes later, she texted back and said she had done the same thing. Talk about wow! I still can't believe it happened, and all so suddenly. Not sure if there's anything happening next, but I wan to do it again.

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    Since the faces are not shown think of putting the shots on website for us to watch ...
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    The post is a few days old now, have you tried talking your sister into fucking again without your buddy around? Ask her about doing it indoors, in a bed?

    Teen girls are almost every bit as horny as guys, they just control it better for the sake of appearances. If you can get her to view you as a "no tell" outlet for her libido, you could spend the summer well drained.

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