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    Straight Male / 47

    Had been married 22 years. Not much of a sex life anymore. Got more and more into kinky porn. Started browsing ad. made the decision to try to suck a cock. I know that sounds odd but the more porn I watched the less outrageous it seemed and the more curious I became. I answered an add and met a guy who was about 35 at his apartment. He knew I was a first timer and just let me take my time. He stripped and sat back on his couch and held his computer to watch porn while I sucked. his dick was laying on his thigh waiting for me. I held it first, then licked it then took it into my mouth. It was like a whole new level of sexual desire, totally different than anything I'd felt with a woman. It was so kinky and erotic I felt like I was going to cum just from having that dick in my mouth. As he stiffened I sucked more and more, getting the feel of it, sucking slowly and firmly, taking as much of his cock down my throat as possible. It took me about a half hour but he finally came. I held it in my mouth then swallowed every drop. Afterward on the way home, I stopped at an adult bookstore, went into a booth and played a porno of an older woman eating out a younger woman. A guy wanted to suck my cock through a whole. I was so horny I stuck my dick through the hole, felt a mouth and tongue on my dick and came in about ten seconds. I was so worked up I had to cum immediately.

    I figured ok I tried it, got it out of my system but there was no getting it out of my system. I answered more ads. Founds guys I could make cum and guys I couldn't. Guys who gave me a lot of advise on proper cocksucking technique. I once met a guy in a wooded area behind where he worked. It was a popular spot. Two other guys showed up while i was sucking that first guy. They had their dicks out watching ended up taking turns on all three dicks and swallowed three loads.

    Pulled over to a rest stop once, saw one red pick-up parked there. Had always heard it was a place for blow jobs wanted to see. It was dark but my headlights illuminated a guy squatting down sucking another guy's cock outside the truck. I drove off. Went back a few times couldn't figure out how to let the guys know I was there to suck. Then one time while driving to New York for work at about 4am, I pulled into a rest stop, stretched, looked around seeing a few cars parked and said fuck it. I pulled a milk crate out of my car and sat down to wait. A guy wandered over looking at me. I nodded, A minute later a really nice big dick was in my mouth. I took his load and almost right after another older guy about fifty stepped up for his head. Then another. A black guy with a big gut and a huge dick walked over, asked if I wanted to suck him off. I said yes. And he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth and throat and forced his cock down my throat when he came to make sure I would swallow. He did need to worry. It was getting light so I headed out but I felt liked I'd hit the jackpot.

    Saw an ad on line. A guy was looking for a regular to suck him off occasionally. I met him, sucked him off, he really enjoyed it and asked to exchange numbers. Said he would text me when he needed head. The next day he texted, asked me to stop by early. Lucky enough I was able to. I sucked him until he came then kept sucking until he was hard again and took a second load. He's texted me a lot. I've sucked his off a shit ton of early mornings before work and sometimes at night when he watched football or hockey.

    I enjoyed being at that guys beck and call and was open to similar situations. Last summer a guy posted that he wanted head while he relaxed by his fire pit. I went over and while he sipped beer and enjoyed the fire I enjoyed his cock. And his load. Next day my wife wanted to know why I smelt like fire. I had to tell her I went over a friends house for a few beers. (My wife works nights which allows a lot of my activities). The guy was asking me to come over regularly. I convinced my wife we were friends. I spoke with the guy and he went along. My wife has met him a few times and she now thinks of him as one of my friends. Were friends because I love sucking his dick and loves getting off. But it works for me. Every so often he post and I'll get over his place and his has multiple guys there who are looking for head. One after the other I'll drain their balls around the fire. I love when I get there and see other guys, it's always a great night.

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    It is great to swallow a good load from time to time, but my favorite it to pump balls deep in a young guy on his back, then jerk his cock at the same time. I haven't had a bottom last longer than me before he nuts. q
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    Silly faggots Dicks are for chicks!!!

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