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    For the last seven months I have been cheating on my husband with a guy who works in the same building I work in. Eric is 50 and extremely handsome, which is what attracted me to him. I make up excuses for going and staying out late once a week and mostly on Fridays. The sex I have with Eric became a new experience for me just by the way he has used many sex toys to satisfy me. We do have normal intercourse and often perform oral sex on each other but he spends most of our time together stimulating me. I have masturbated over the years and when in my late teens and early twenties did use a dildo. I had never been penetrated with a vibrator until Eric began doing it for me. I also had never been penetrated anally before but now allow Eric to control my orgasms any way he pleases. It takes place over a period of three or four hours and I just continually orgasm with strange looking vibrators and beads. I'm sure by now Eric enjoys displaying my body for his benefit in positions my husband don't ever see me. I am so aroused I never complain and just comply with his wishes. Eric is also married and tells me how he does similar things to his wife. He does tell me it excites him knowing he is able to have me orgasm so often and enjoys seeing the ways I react. He is very gentle as he does these things and is in complete control the entire time. He has no pubic hair and at times squats over my face as his head is at my vagina while using anal and vaginal vibrators. The first few times he did this he literally asked me to lick and suck on his scrotum. I doubt that in the nineteen years I've been married I ever did anything like that for my husband. I do it for Eric and hold his penis as I do. Its sounds disgusting but as I'm doing it I am so stimulated and by the way he has me so aroused I don't mind doing it. I have never been with a guy who is so attentive to my body and is able to have me orgasm so often. I well know I should feel guilty cheating on my husband like this but just don't and perhaps to selfish to stop seeing Eric. I have sex with my husband but not nearly as often as years ago lately only about once a week or less. When I am with Eric I think that's the reason I am so able to climax as often as I do. I was never aware of how many different and strange sex toys are available today. All I can attest to is how pleasant and stimulating they feel and are able to keep me aroused over and over again. The orgasms are not just often but are stronger and more intense.

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    no ones wants to cheat but when you are not getting what you need

    at home things will happen.
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    Your body is not a temple - it is a garden to enjoy! So enjoy Eric. I am in my mid 50s, single and has a younger stud made to fuck me endlessly ... I also taught him a few things of sex. Lately, we are into stretching our pee-holes. He can now insert his index finger into my pee-hole and doing so massages my clit from both in and out side, a sure tech to endless orgasms. He says that he enjoys sex with me more than with his gf!!
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    Keep enjoying Eric as long as you can!

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