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    I went to a military institution, no girls then. The town girls were our only source of pussy. Being college and officer material the local girls were generally available, sixteen year olds were easy pickings. Why I picked her that late spring afternoon I don't really know. Like the rest of the girls she was hanging out at the park where girls went to get picked up. She wasn't particularly pretty, sort of ordinary, a home girl, never kissed, much less fucked, she covered her tits and crossed her naked legs, her mouth clammed shut. But never mind, she was naked and she got fucked.

    I had to take her home, a small wood house in the lower neighborhood, I had never been in that part of town. Her father was a postman, her mother a seamstress. Dropping her off she turned to me with tears in her eyes, she got out and walked into that little house. I found out that day what a conscience is, she weighed on my mind all week. The following Saturday I drove to her house and knocked on the door and in the small parlor, her mother holding her behind her in the small kitchen, her father standing his ground I gave them my name, my status and I asked for her to marry me.

    That year was 1969 and junior officers found themselves in Viet Nam. I was assigned to Germany, where I spent the next four years, returning to my hometown discharged, unemployed with a young pregnant wife. Things worked out, never pretty, a good wife, great mother she was happy, glorious, sexual, adventuresome, outgoing, funny such that I never looked outside my house for sexual satisfaction. She not only held up her end of the bargain, she took us on a trip that embarrassed me, but not her. She read these novels, and put everything she read to the test.

    I just can't believe that any of my contemporaries had it better, no way. I got the diamond in the rough.

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