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    I got involved with helping a student of my Mom's. She was headstrong and impulsive, she was in over her head, but mother felt something for her and that's how she ended up living with me, until she could stand on her own. The first day, I get back from work her dirty panties on the bathroom floor, her bed unmade and her dirty dishes in the sink. My talk with her resulted in hurt feelings. I did the mom thing. I put her dirty clothes in the hamper. Made her bed. Cleaned up the kitchen. Did her laundry. Bought her clothes. Didn't charge her rent. I babied her. Keeping her was not cheap and I needed money so I moved her into my room so I could rent my other room. Holding her at night, her body rising and falling against my chest just made me hold her closer. My mother's feelings for her transferred to me. I had never felt anything like I felt for her. I missed her during the day, she was taking classes at the Community College where my Mom teaches English. I went over her schedule, her course work, sat up with her while she did her work. How do you hold back looking in her eyes and telling her you love her? Each A meant a hug and a kiss. Her body was part of mine, working her into mine at night until we were one. Long past was my anxiety of making love to her. Somehow she wormed her way into my heart until she took it over. I make the bed, pick up after her, fix dinner. And everything I do s worth it. Just holding her makes it worth it.

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    Shouldnât this be posted in the dreams and wishes categorie?

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