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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    I am glad that I have found out this site to say a few words of my sexual orientation. I was raised in a big family where kids are left with servants. When I was about 6 yo one of our servants played with my tiny cock and also allowed me to inspect his hard cock. And once he lured me to push his cock into my rectum. But he failed, may be because of my tiny hole. But I felt the slippery pre-cum in my ass hole pleasurable. Some years later, when I was in high school, may be 12 yo, one of my older cousins shared my bed while visiting us. At night I woke up suddenly and found that he was trying to push his well-endowed cock into my rectum. I got panicked but kept quiet for some time. No sooner he could push the cock head into me, he ejaculated covering my ass hole and pant. He did not try further and I left for bathroom to pee.
    This might have kindled my interest in sexual matters in every thing - human to animal. I got my clue to fuck one of my friends of same age but came too soon. Throughout my sexual life, I have fucked hen, duck, she goat, cow - the best was a cow that allowed me to penetrate my cock in full into her warm pussy. I did also fingered pussies of my under-aged younger sister and a niece and found that they were the easy options and the acts mutually satisfying. I found that the i****tuous relationship was existing and safer than any other sexual relationships.
    I hardly had gay-orientation but find i****t a great joy for me. Although married, I still have sexual relationship with my younger sis and niece I mentioned earlier. As they had matured over the years, the fucks had become all the more enjoyably and the oral actions have become irresistible!!

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    I too have fucked my niece. My brother in laws daughter on my wife's side. I was 52 and she was 27 and married. It was at a family get together 10 miles from our house. She rode back with me to get some things for the party. She initiated it by saying she always wanted to be alone with me. There was minimal kissing and no foreplay, just raw rough sex. I enjoyed that afternoon and evening, knowing my cum was running in her panties. She told me she had to put Kleenex in them to soak it up. We still get a rub or a squeeze on each other from time to time, but I sure would like to get her again sometime.
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    I have fucked a cow once and a mare many times before. I love how the mares twat twitches for 5 minutes after I cum in it. I started that 45 years ago, and would still tap a mare given the chance.
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    Re. 2: I would suggest you to fuck a cow in heat - the passage is warmer than women, smooth and twitches all through when you enter as if there is no end to stop your cock!! You may also think of sucking on a swine's pussy in heat (but difficult to penetrate), the juice is really tasty!

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