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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    Sorry for the backstory. My best friend in high school married her sweetheart football player and all around jock. Good-looking, funny and talented. He got into TV and got certified in sound engineering. She had two daughters. All the time she was playing wife and mom I was in college. In my senior year I was called and she told me her husband fell out of their tree trying to build a tree house and broke his neck, he remained a quad.

    She struggled, he got mean and insulted her, she told me he wanted sex but his apparatus was a limp shrunken noodle and had zero sensation and it turned her off completely. She had to quit her job and they lost their house. Well by the time a year had gone by I was the only one that listened, I took their girls out for ice cream, to the park, grocery store. She hated leaving, the old van that had been donated to them worked but was ugly and embarrassing. And her husband was a bigger jerk every day.

    I was at her apartment, I helped put the girls to bed, her husband was put to bed and we were sitting on the couch. She started crying, I held her, hugged her, kissed her gently in a sisterly way, she snuggled her face in my breasts, I rubbed her rump, kissed her in a not so sisterly way, rubbed her breasts, laid her back on the couch and fingered her and played with her until she went into an orgasm. A long kiss and we cuddled up.

    It was a human thing, my first, her first, human physical contact. We were embarrassed and felt bad but we started masturbating and helping each other. But that was not satisfying, hugging and cuddling, kissing and groping, fingering and grinding, mutual orgasms were a lot more satisfying. And so it went, she didn't have intercourse and I found someone to get naked and hot with. Until one day I house sat at my mom's for the air conditioner man. It was hot and sweaty, I waited in work out shorts and a strapless top. He talked after he was done and stared at my crotch. I got hot and got down and sucked his cock, he pushed me on to my back and fucked me on the carpet.

    I wasn't some form of lesbian after all. I told my friend that what she really need was to get laid. Two years after her husband fell out of the tree the air conditioner guy fucked her at my house while her husband was at rehab. Sometimes you just need to get laid. Our cuddle sessions never stopped, you also need to be loved, but a hard cock does something no amount of cuddling can do. Her husband's psychological condition has pushed her away, she is separated and getting a divorce, for her sanity and her girls. Her cock experience broke her guilt about his condition. He is an unbearable jerk. That's why we cuddle.

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    You did a great job for her. I have been into lesbianism and have found that it is the best solace for a burnt heart - it is the supreme dimension of love one can ever expect. Thank you sister!

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