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    Straight Female / 25

    If I could get away with it, I would be such a slut. I get so horny sometimes I feel like men can sense it. Like they can smell the wet readiness of my pussy and know I want them badly.

    Not just any of them. I like the manly, much older, country type men. Men who know what to do with a little slut like me. Iâm black, but my preference is for white men, I donât know why.

    Iâm married, and my husband is this and does do it for me. I just know that if I had two lives to live, I would be such a little slut and all the men would know it. I wish I could live out my fantasies.

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    I love black women maybe one day I will find a gorgeous one to have sex with my white cock.
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    Mmmmmm...Brown Sugar!
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    Does your fantasy involve being a sex slave for a particular white man who orders you to be a slut?

    Is the fantasy less refined and boil down to you in the middle of a less than consensual gangbang by a bunch of white men who tell you that you're on this planet to serve their hard-ons and won't take "No" for an answer?

    Or does it revolve around the idea of you willingly being an insatiable slut for a bunch of white men; draining cocks with all of your holes and hearing yourself being called all sorts of degrading, racist names?
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    To commenter #3, wow how did you guess? My fantasy is a combination of all 3. I would love to have a master who showed me off one night to a group of his redneck friends who would admire my body as I eventually stripped down, and end up fucking me helplessly for hours. I would looove to hear the racist, degrading names and rough talk in general, as long as it comes from a tone of appreciation of course, not hatred or anger.

    I would love to be the perfect little hole to relieve their cocks in over and over.
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    #3 back.

    It's sort of odd OP, but so many women's fantasies boil down to being controlled and "forced" to service large numbers of men. Most of the ones I've chatted with will quickly fess up to either being in the "owned" camp or the "r**ed" one.

    I don't want to come off as too stereotypical in my thinking, but a lot of the time I can make a pretty decent first guess simply by knowing the race of the woman and the race of the men she imagines herself forced to satisfy.

    Again, there's a "type" thing involved, but the black woman / white men fantasy usually comes down to being some guy's sex slave and then he loans her out to a group.

    White woman / black men, put your betting money on a r**e fantasy with lots of references to circus animal sized cocks.

    Depending on how deep the submissive streak goes, about 25 or 35 percent imagine the gangbang ending in a pregnancy.
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    Would you say something similar applies to men? For instance, if I happened to have a neighbor that fits the description of the men Iâm into, what are the odds of him being attracted to me and want to fuck me like he owns me?
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    That's going to be very hard to predict. Men as individuals can surprise you. Unless you have clear indications he's into dominating girls in general, or black girls in particular, about the only way your going to find out is to get him in bed and see where it goes from there. If he has any inclinations they should come out there, and if you still harbor doubts, call him Master [or Massa] a time or two and see if that gets a rise out of him.
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    i would imagine there are plenty of women who wished for something similar to you. maybe not the black and white thing but just to be a real slut and not have to worry about all the negative things that come with that.

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