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    Straight Female / 19

    My most embarrassing moment in my life happened the other day. My parents were at work , my friends were busy my brother was out with his friends and I had the whole house to myself. I was watching some porn on my phone in the bathroom , it started getting really intense and was making my juices flow. I moved to my bed and was laying on my tummy when I continued watching it. I became concentrated on it and was reaching between my legs masturbating furiously. I could feel it building and building oh god it was so great. All of a sudden I felt my body releasing and it was explosive I was having a orgasm and it was spraying all over. Then I heard cheering and laughing. I panicked and turned over to see my uncle and two of his friends standing there with there phones out , telling me what a slut I was and how hot it was to watch me get myself off. Now when I see my uncle he gives me a knowingly look and wink.

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    Has your uncle or any of his friends tried using the video as leverage to stick a cock in you?
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    I wasn't really sure about telling anymore , because I think what's happening may be illegal.
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    So are they using the video they took to persuade you to service them sexually? Be their unpaid little whore for the summer?

    If they've actively blackmailed you, made it explicit that your body for their silence is the trade, then yeah, that is fucked up and likely illegal. If you can get them to make the threat and capture it either as a video or audio file, you can send them to jail. Otherwise it will be your word against theirs. Now, they will likely back off if you report it without proof, but they won't get into much trouble.
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    Since they now know of your kink, you may involve them singly or in group in consensual sexual pursuits.
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    I have had sex with them all together and singular almost daily since then.

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