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    It was a warm summer night walking down the street wearing nylon shorts, no underwear, and T-shirt, it almost feels like I am naked. The warm breeze was going up my shorts, starting to get me horny, which isnât hard to do. I always like to grab me penis, especially in the public when itâs hot out. Well now my penis Is starting move around in my shorts and I just want to grab it.

    While I am walking I can see my penis pushing against my shorts and now I just got to do something. I see a dept. store across the street so I quickly go over there with an idea. Just thinking about it is making my penis grow and getting more noticeable under my shorts, as I am trying to cover it with the T-shirt. I grab a few things from a rack, not caring what they look like, and head over to the dressing room. There was no clerk there or any signs for menâs or ladyâs side , so I went to the furthest door and locked it behind me.

    I drop my shorts, sat on the bench and started to stroking myself. The feeling was unbelievable. I see some precum, so I wipe it with my fingers and lick it. I continue to stroke it and now I can hear some noise outside. Itâs the clerk putting clothes away. The precum is coming out more now and making my penis very slippery, driving me crazy. I am stroking furiously and I hear the door knob turn, my heart practically stops. My hand wrapped on my penis, I tell the person the room is taken.

    I notice more precum, so slowly I continue on jerking off. Initially I didnât want to come because I didnât have any place to shoot it, so I would stroke alittle then stop. Apparently this time I didnât stop in time. I tried to stop myself from cumming, but I could feeling it building up more and more until I started to cum. Damn, where am I doing to catch it, I thought, so I just put my hand out to catch as much as I could. Some hit the floor, but atleast I got most of it. Now what am I going to do with a hand full of cum? I didnât want to wipe it on the new clothes for the clerk to deal with. I had to think quickly on were to get rid of the cum, so I just decided to open my mouth and swallow it. One less thing to worry about now.

    With almost all the evidence gone, except for a sticky hand and a few drops of cum on the floor, I handed the clerk the clothes back. She said to have a good night and I was thinking, I already did.

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    I like doing that too, but not in public.
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    I love silky materiel brushing lightly across my stiff dick. It feels so damn good.
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    I can imagine the gallons of cum I've swallowed in the last 15 years since meeting guys. I've swallowed my own for 45 years.

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