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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    The Realtor.

    I interned with a major corporation during grad school and it developed into full-time employment after graduation. I had sex with my male cousins before I ever had got any pussy, so bisexuality had been part of me since I was in my teens. I was living with a beautiful undergrad during my internship and when I went to work full-time. After a couple of years she began to push me for marriage and I just wasn't interested in a committment. Fortunatley a transfer and promotion was offered but she declined to move with me across ccountry to she deep south. I moved across country and had been living in an apartment almost a year when my grandparents offered to "gift" me the down payment on my own house.
    When I began my house search I had so many realtor referrals from people I decided to choose a realtor at random. I wrote down the names od three local realestate office, put them in a box shook and choose the realtor office to contact. I went to their web side to review the realtors and choose a really handsome realtor and gace him a call.
    Shortly there after he stopped by my office for our first meeting and it went really good. The following Saturday morning we met for breakfast and then went to his office to register me as his client and see if there were any lising that fit my criteris. We parted jsut befor lunch and I went on my way confident I had made a wise decision. As time progressed, we got to know each other and I learned he was 42 with a sons in middle school and his wife was a school a Nursing Supervisor at one of the local hospitals.
    Over the next 6 weeks we spent may hours together looking at houses and condo's, so we got to know each other. One day he told me he had what he thought I might like in a new subdivision which was popular because of the school system which would offer great resaele value, or security when I got married and had choldren. I told him marriage was not on the table with me, that 3 years with a nagging, demanding female was enough for a life time. He responded that marriage had drawbacks but sex at home is better than having to go looking for sex when yuu get horny. I told him I stayed horny and "Mrs Palmer and her five daughters" relieved me daily..sometimes more than once. Dead silence and he said, married men beat off too. Of course, a warm wet has advantages. I turned to look at him as he was driving into the driveway of a house and dsaid, frankly, I preferk blow jobs and the advantages of beating off far exceeded the drama of some women.
    As we got back into his car and he started the engine he said, if you ike head and in a rush there are several Adult Book Stores with glory holes. As long as you don't care who blows you. I said, I am not there to kiss them, make love to them or marry them, I just want to pop a nut, so where are these book storess? By the time we got to the next house he told me there locations (off the beaten path) and admitted he had been there a few times himself as he turned off then car. I looked in his face and said, so your cool with a dude blowing you? He said, I am and you should try it. I said, I am bisexual and give as good as I recieve.
    That was tghe last house on the list for that Saturday, so as we got back in his car to take me to mine he said, have you ever had a 3 way with a man and woman? I said, no but I would love to ...if the name is bi. He said he had a married bi friend who shares his wife and they would intertain a 3rd bi man...if I were interested. I told him I wold think about it.
    The next afternoon he text me indicating a colleague has just listed a new construction house that met all me criteria and he would pick me up and show it, if I had the time. An hour later I was getting in his car and off we went to the new house and it was the closest to what I wanted, so I put in a offer. We went to my apartment to dothe paper work and when finsihed we opened a beer and he set on the sofa and as I went to sit in the chair he said turn some bi porn, which I did. few minutes later I stood up and dropped my shorts exposing my above average Italian Sausage and he did the same, exposing a really thick cock with a big head. Our clothes and shoes were from the living room to the bedroom floor as we hit the bed in 69 and stayed there until we both blew massive loads.
    We went for a 2nd beer while we relaoded and went at it again. That time we took turns istting on the others chest fucking their mouth with our dicks and our hands locked behind their heads.
    My realtor has become a best friend spending lots of time at my new house in the suburbs and has introduced me to several of his bi married/divorced friends and even a couple of 4 sums with his bisexual law enforcement vuddy, his wife and the two of us. Funny how I never made it too the Adule Book Store on the other side of the county. Funny how bi married and divorced men experience the best of straight and bi sex.

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    There are many of us married men that have wives in our late 50's, that no longer want sex. I got sick of begging and didn't want to enter into another relationship. I always get taken care of at the local adult book store. It seems there's lots of college boys that like a middle aged guy to fill them up. No strings pump and go!

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