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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Im a mostly straight male. I love women and I live with my girlfriend. Im not really attracted to men or masculinity, but ever since puberty I found that nothing turns me on more than cock. I would fantasize of sucking anonymous penis and taking load after load in mouth, usually while pretending to be a girl.

    I havnt had much opportunity to experiment with cross dressing until my girl left for a week for work. I bought some cheap heels and thigh high stockings, put on a bra and a tight dress from her closet, even found a wig from a Halloween costume of hers and a choker. I felt so sexy and fucked my ass with a dildo for hours, gobbling up gobs of precum. My orgasm was incredible.

    The next day at work it was all I could think of. I wanted go even farther and had the idea to wear the outfit in the woods near our place. Id been there a dozen times and never saw another person, so I felt pretty confident I wouldnât get caught.

    As soon as I got home from work I put the outfit in a bag and touched up my face with a bit of makeup. I walked to the trail immediately got naked and put on my girly attire. I felt so sexy looking down at my chest and my heels, which not only made my butt and legs look good but forced me to walk like woman. It was hot strutting around with my cock out, dressed like a whore, in a public space with no privacy.

    I was in a daze of horniness, and made it to where two trails met. No joke, to my absolute shock I see a guy coming toward me! We both froze. Not only am I dressed like woman, my dress was pulled over my ass and my dick was in my hands. He was a normal blue collar looking dude, probably 35-40. I felt a wave of embarrassment and my first instinct was to run. I could get in a lot of trouble for this. But I was also really turned on by being seen.

    For some reason he apologized with a slight smile and turned to walk away. I wanted this to last a little longer. âWaitâ I said, âits okâ. He stopped and turned back to face me. I seized the brief moment of being watched and starting rubbing my dick. I had never masturbated in front of a stranger and found it to be exhilarating.

    To my surprise and delight, the man looked around and started to rub his crotch! I was thinking please please take your dick out. Sure enough,zip, flop. Not only was this my first time seeing a real penis in person, but it was being aroused... by me.

    We stared at each other for a moment, stroking, then I slowly walked towards him. I gently reached out to touch it and he let me. At first with my finger tips and as it got harder, wrapped my hand around it. I had my hard cock in one hand and a complete strangers in the other. My whole body was flush with excitement it was incredible. I knew I was going to suck it and make him cum and the anticipation took my breath away.

    I got on my knees and kissed the tip. I slowly slid his round head in my mouth. It tasted just as I had imagined, like sweat and piss and old semen. I felt like a such a whore, like ive always wanted to feel. I sucked it down deeper into my mouth, to the back of my throat.

    In and out, sucking hard, up and down. I could feel it slide over my tongue and his balls swing against my chin. I could feel my tight dress and sexy heels, my knees grinding in the sand. It was heaven and I didnât want it to end. But I knew the end would bring the best part.

    I love the taste and texture of cum. I would watch oral creampie videos and wish desperately that I was on the receiving end. I would taste my precum but it was never enough. Eating cum was my ultimate fantasy but I honestly thought I would never get to experience a cock unload all of its jizz in my mouth, but here I was.

    I could feel his dirty cock get harder. The head swelled and he breathed heavily. I knew it was coming. I sucked faster and moaned. Bam. The first volley of hot gooey semen shot into the back of my mouth. Pump after pump of warm silky cum filled my mouth. Time slowed down. His load was incredible. I wouldnt be able to shoot that much even if I didnât cum for a week. Some of the watery part dripped down my throat but I didnât swallow. I sucked every last bit dripping from his swollen cock.

    He pulled back and pulled up his pants. I savored the huge load of ejaculate in mouth. Swirling it around and blissfully enjoying the taste. I jerked off while doing this, so incredibly aroused by my viscous mouthful of a bodily fluid. I could feel myself getting close so I slurped that massive load down into my stomach. I could feel it sticking to my mouth and throat and the taste became more pronounced.

    He watched as my cock spit with throbbing orgasm, outdoors, dressed like whore, my lips dripping with cum. âHoly fuck that was hotâ he exclaimed. When I stood up he stepped closer. Looking at my mouth he grabbed my ass. I felt vulnerable but I liked it. His pants still unbuttoned, he squeezed me into him. I could feel his cock was still hard against my now floppy naked satisfied penis.

    I realized this man, much more virulent than myself was still horny. I pulled down his jeans and got on all four. He got down and spit on my asshole. I was scared but too turned on to think straight. He pushed his tip against my tight asshole until it opened up, letting in the whole head of his penis. Every soft thrust went a little deeper. I could feel his hands on my hips and up my back. He got about half his dick in and started fucking me for real. I no longer had an ass and mouth. I only had fuckholes whose sole purpose was please mens cocks. I felt like a woman, like a dirty slut to be used and discarded.

    These thoughts turned me on more, opening my fuckhole, allowing his cock to slip deeper into my inside. Now hitting my prostate, his thrusts began giving me pleasure all over my body. I couldnât help the girly sounds coming out of my mouth. Having cum just moments ago, his cock was able to fuck me for what felt like an eternity. I no longer worried about being exposed or someone finding us. My brain was disabled by pleasure, my lust fueled by a belly full of semen.

    I came hard again. Not an average orgasm from my dick, but a whole body orgasm. What I would expect a woman feels like when she cums. It was life changing. He made a sound and pumped my hole harder, and came again. This time deep inside my slutty fuckhole.

    After pulling out he thanked me. Buttoning up and wiping the sweat from his forehead he took off in the direction he came. I laid there for a bit, sweating, trembling and filled with not one but two loads of cum. Ive never been so happy before or since. I decided to wear my dress and heels and wig on my walk back home. Before I was afraid of being seen by a neighbor. Now I was hoping to be seen and maybe even used by another filthy cock. I wasnât that lucky but I enjoyed strutting the ten minutes home as cars passed. My flaccid dick visible through the tight dress, cum trickling down my leg.

    Efforts to relive that experience has so far failed, but I will never forget, as I relive it over and over in my mind when I masturbate. I dream for the next time my girlfriend goes away. I need to make that happen again. Maybe at a gloryhole? Maybe it will be someone Im close to on the other side? Maybe it will be my girlfriends father? Maybe it will be you?

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    If I would see you walking along, I would have stopped and parked another load in your ass.
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    As a kid I was the same way. I'd dress up in my sister's stuff and meet with a few boys in the woods nearby. They were older teenagers and I was cute and kind of pretty for a boy and had been with one of them for a year before he introduced me to his friends. I kind of outgrew my girlish tendencies when I moved when I was 13 and met a girl, my first girlfriend. I still had boyfriends, usually older boys and eventually a man. Always dressed as a boy, cutoffs and regular boy's underpants but I felt like a girl as I submitted to them and their desires. I was married, in my early twenties when a plush pair of ruffled lace panties was my nemesis, lol.

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