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    Straight Female / 27

    I think I am in love with someone from my work, now if I think I definitely have a crush on him because I think of him too much . I work in the medical system I am a 27 year woman and he is 40 year old M.D with a PhD and kinda arrogant but he is very good looking, He is very manly and he fascinated me from our first meeting. I don't know if he will ever like me I only work with him for 3 weeks and I feel really stupid when I am next to him I never say the right thing, I babble, I tremble at the thought that he is so close to me. I ain't ugly I have cute facial features, I am slim, but I feel inferior to him, I feel stupid why would he ever look at me?
    And I feel so insecure that I feel more dumber, he seems so inteligent and I feel like a clueless little girl when I am standing next to him even though I am not stupid at all I only have some really bad experiences with man that made me lose my self esteem.
    And this is not only the worst thing he is married and has a 4 year old daughter and his wife works in the same hospital as us.
    I wish I could be more vocal and have more guts and not freeze anymore and discuss our work problems without being so stressed and anxious.

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    You're infatuated. I've been that way with a few women before. (I'm a man) It was taboo because of relationships that they were involved in. I was a jabbering idiot around them. I felt all the same emotions that you describe. Now consider, if you make advances at him, and he looks at you like you're insane, you'll damage your self esteem even more. Do you really need the emotional damage of his rejection? What if he accepts your advances, and just uses you like a sex toy? Then rejects you afterward? Also, you said that he, his wife, and you all work in the same hospital. If you start an affair, and his wife finds out, you're toast. These things always get out. Probably lose your job, and break-up a marriage/family. And be labeled a slutty home wreaker. Find someone unattached, and get it going with them. He'll eventually fade from your life, and there will be no damage done. Don't risk all of the headaches that you're going to get into with him.
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    I won't make any advances on him, I am bot the type of the woman who just hits on random guys I will just sit there and see what happens next; after all there are only 3 weeks since I met him I don't know the man that much anything can happen. I will just try to be more confident and trust in myself more because now I realise that I became all hyper for a man who might not deserve me at all.
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    Just remember, a hospital, or any work place that has a lot of people working together in close proximity to one another like that is nothing but gossip, and a rumor mill. You can't keep something that juicy quiet for long. I've heard it said, "What seems like a good idea by the light of the moon, may not have the same luster by the light of day.

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