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    Straight Female / 28

    When I was growing up there were very few other girls my age in the small town that I lived in. even when I graduated from jr high I was one of only 16 other girls. Plenty of boys though. So I grew up with boys and delt with their curiosity and perverted ideas. We had a little group of us that lived in a out of the way trailer park on the outskirts of farms. We would go to the creek by the forest and hangout. Being the youngest and only girl they would normally tell me to take my clothes off , which always turned into them touching me all over. This in return started causing rumors at school and all over. I honestly enjoyed the attention it was nice to be popular and desired. My family finally got a financial break and we were able to move far from that town. I had sex with most of the boys in Jr high , some of the boys in highschool , and even quite a few adults in town. I was definitely the town slut and I knew it then and I know it know. When I started telling everyone that we would be moving it was like a competition to see who could do me more than the others. Boys and men were constantly around me and constantly doing something sexual towards me. I'm confessing here because I'm getting married in 3 weeks and he doesn't know about my past but I felt it necessary to tell someone. Thank you for letting me get it off my chest.

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    Thank you for being a slut, we need women like you. Men love sluts. Itâs either sluts or men who love to suck cock men will always protect. Itâs women who get insecure.
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    You sound like my wife. She started out fucking an older guy at his house. Often his friends would drop by, and being the only girl, and younger, they got her to undress for them. The first guy didn't care, she was just a fuck toy to him. Soon they were fondling her, and then one of them asked her for a blowjob. She did it, and liked it. After that she would go there almost every day. She was always fucking or sucking one of them. She didn't stop there. When she wasn't at "his" house she was starting to meet other guys and fucking and sucking them too. Some were married, some weren't. One was her married boss. She was becoming the town slut, and having a blast at it. When I met her I had no idea about her past. Over time she let me in on it, little by little. Turns out, it turned me on. She has since told me everything. It makes for some interesting sex talk to get us tuned on while we have sex.
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    Thank you, I appreciate your comments.
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    How old were you when the older men were fing you
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    I was around 11 or 12 when the older guys started getting involved.
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    That's young, I just wonder how that would feel like.
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    That's young, I just wonder how that would feel like.
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    It was a little scary in the beginning , but luckily most of them went slowly at first . I don't think anyone was trying to hurt me.

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