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    Straight Male / 49

    My company had a big meeting in Atlanta. I always had this fantasy of hooking up while on the road, so on this trip I decided to follow through. A week before travel I posted a picture ad in M4W in Craigslist-Atlanta. I mentioned that I would be traveling there often and I would handle all the hosting. I 62 year old widow answered the ad. We emailed, exchanged photos before talking on the phone (these things need time to develop). Her voice had a slight "old lady" sound to it and decided to follow through any way. I gave her my travel dates and hotel.

    At the end of a long day of meetings, she met me in the hotel, she had an overnight bag with her, so I knew was in for some extended fun. My co-workers were in the same hotel as me, they were chatting in the hallway, in the lounge...all over. I explained the need to be discrete and asked her to please walk ahead or behind co-workers never noticed! They were all terrible gossipers, I almost called the whole thing off.

    Upon getting her into my room, we wasted no time...She told me she had once been a professional dancer...OMG she had the smoothest, most beautiful body. Nicer than any coed I banged in college! I could not believe she was 62 years old.

    We enjoyed each other through out the evening and the following morning. One nice thing about older gals is they will let you finish off inside them..cum away.

    I had a 1 hour meeting the next morning and then free the rest of the day. When I came back, she was fully dressed and had a serious expression on her face. She advised that we go up to the room again. She pushed me on the bed and dominated me...she made me lick her pussy for another 2-3 tongue got sore but I was turned on by being forced to pleasure this woman. After 4 orgasms, she said she had enough and gave me permission to get dressed. We exchanged some small gifts and linked up to each other on LINKEDIN.

    So, I'm the guy that chases the older gals on Ashley Madison and other sites....quick way to getting laid. Ilearned that older gals have more time and freedom, usually very experienced and have few hangups.

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