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    Straight Male / 47

    Sex was not happening much at home, so I decided to look elsewhere. Bought a membership on Ashley Madison and did a search near our summer home. Reached out to a few women and got a response. We moved the conversation to our personal emails and it got hot really fast. Somehow I persuaded my new friend that she was going to be my personal slut....She loved the idea. I have no idea how I pulled it off.

    I'm a telecommuter so I spend 4 days a month at the summer house to do projects. My friend visits me in the afternoon and know. I've always wanted a "trampy" girlfriend, but they seem to like "bad boys". I envied the guys who have girlfriends that where slutty clothes.... My gfs were always straight up a conservative. My slut is the total "sex package". She has polished toenails, vampy nails, fake eyelashes, and a tramp stamp (her husband bought it for her). She wears lingerie for me and has a huge collection of sex toys and porn DVDs....which go unused in her household. She loves giving and receiving oral sex as much as I do. When she blows me, she kneels and maintains eye contact like a sub servient little slut...yes she swallows! Her husband hardly pays any attention to her.

    It is perfect FWB relationship she and I The town is really small so having a secret lover that does have a permanent address and who can offer a lot of privacy was too hard to turn down. She can "tramp it up" and then go home and not worrying about bumping into me at the grocery store, work or the PTA.

    We enjoy each other's company and our bodies are in tune with each other, when we get together we climax at the same time. Simply awesome sex!!!!. You always want what you can't have. My wife won't wear lingerie, sport a tramp stamp and sex toys are OUT OF THE QUESTION.

    I've always wanted to shop for slutty clothes and sex toys. My slut loves everything I buy her. We email each other once a day and plan our dates for when I'm out there. So far so good.

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