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    Straight Female / 30

    I am 30 yo single f, still virgin, live with my widowed mom under strict control. I have a modest job and financially well off but has not yet been able to come by a male partner whom I can put trust on. I do have a GF with lesbian orientation with whom I spend holidays and have physical relationship. BUT I do long for a cock, a hard cock that could fuck my brain out. Sometime I cannot sleep at night and think myself abandoned naked in a forest, hands and feet spreadeagled tied to trees, and frequented by some strangers. Anyone passing by would touch me, fondle my body, examine my boobs by fondling or massaging, pussy fingering, mouth kissing deep making me ready for fucks. And finally, the others would fuck me one after other for whole night till I pass out and at dawn, people walking dogs would rescue me. I masturbate while fantasizing this, reach orgasms and have some sleep at the end.

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    That could happen if you really want, fucked by long big black dicks. Hmmm
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    1> I do really want, if that is possible, for at least once. But how??
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    This could be very risky, and you really need to pre-arrange it with one or more people you know you can trust, rather than leave it to chance...done safely this could become very addictive, and very satisfying, but be wary of "partners" you don't know...

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