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    Straight Female / 31

    Being female meant support work at home. I don't really remember not helping in the kitchen, setting the table, help with laundry day, girl scouts, shopping for clothes for the guys. One memory when I was in the seventh grade when I asked my dad what he wanted me to be when I grew up. His answer was quick, a good mom.

    Today I am a mom to two boys. I manage the house, shop for my guys, support them and try to be a good mom and wife. My schooling was pretty good, I went to a nice midsized college, but most importantly my mom prepared me for life. Thank you mom.

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    that is very original of you to confess that you are a mom and that you do mom things around the house.
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    You donât hear good things like that too often anymore. Good for you. You have a lucky family!
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    Nothing more important than being a good wife and mom, especially in these days.

    Your family is blessed to have you.

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