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    I love fucking my husband but as of late when I masturbate I almost always think about touching and sucking another womans breasts. Nothing gets me off faster. Recently I would find myself staring at my friends chests and getting turned on.

    Last week I went out with a new friend. We got pretty drunk so I invited her to stay at my place, which is a short walk away. Hubby was passed out so we broke open some wine.

    I brought down some comfy clothes for us. She very nonchalantly took off her dress to put them on. Her naked tits set off that horny part in my brain. They were gorgeous. I followed her lead and for a moment we were both wearing only our undies. Well, sexy black g string in her case :). I had been topless with girlfriends when I was younger, but this was the first time since my lesbian fantasies started.

    I had just put our favorite song on. Tittie dance party! I gleefully exclaimed.

    We jumped around half naked like idiots. The song ended and the auto shuffle played a slow ballad next. I took her hand to jokingly slow dance. As we swayed her breasts pressed up against mine. Our giggles stopped and I think we both took comfort in the contact. It was very sensual. She put her head on my shoulder and I felt myself getting wet.

    I slid my hand onto her butt and she kissed me on the cheek! Oh my god I was so elated. I turned my head and planted a kiss on her lips. Adrenaline overtook me and we started furiously making out. She pushed me back on to the couch and climbed on top of me.

    I took the opportunity to put her tits on my face. Ugh this all I ever wanted. I rubbed them and sucked her nipples, it was fucking hot. I couldn’t resist and starting touching myself. Since she was on top of me my knuckles hit her clit. She started grinding on my hand and wrist. I could feel her panties getting wet (I was soaked through by now).

    She rolled over to my side and slid her g string off. She grabbed my hand and put on her wet pussy and her hand down my underwear. I was never turned on by vagina but this was so naughty. I tasted my fingers and I liked it. I got up and buried my mouth into her pussy. It felt and tasted soo good.

    We probably traded orgasms for an hour before finally smoking some weed and going to sleep. She was gone when I woke up in the morning, which was a relief because without the alcohol I felt very embarrassed. I told my husband about it and he loved every second of it lol. She texted saying trying to explain herself but I told her I had fun.

    Anyway guess who I have plans with this weekend!!!!

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    I’d love if you sat on my face and I licked and fucked you.
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    You have a latent lesbian orientation. Talk to your husband and if see whether you can hook a lesbian to have sex with your hubby present. This may allow you to have 3-some.

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