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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    Been horny and on a chat line for about 1 hour this morning when I heard his intro, have ute trailer and mower looking for yard work, price negotiable, i thought he's on here so he's obviously looking for more than work. Messaged him back my fantasy had always been that I was in my shed naked when a stranger walks in pulls out his Cock and orders me to suck him off, He replied back Will do that job for free, sent him my address in 25 minutes I heard footsteps coming down the gravel path beside my house, i was already naked so i got on my knees with a little pillow I had and in he stepped, OMG i couldn't have planned a better looking guy if i tried, he was 29 6.2 solid build black hair, blue singlet and footy shorts, he just smiled said hi how are you i was speechless, bbbbbut then he stripped off revealing a nice long fat Cock which grew to about 8# in my hands as I stroked him with what must have been a creepy smile on my face. Then he said soooooo are you Gunna suck it or play with it. I opened my mouth grabbed his butt with both hands and pulled him to my open hungry mouth, he grabbed my head when he got close to me and took control and slid that big beautiful Cock in my mouth and didn't stop until I was gagging for air, he finally released me I took a big breath and he continued this time sliding his pole all the way in and back until his knob was just resting on My lips and in and out i must say I didn't expect it to be that hot or exciting as it now felt. I felt like a real Cock sucking slut. He just kept pumping and humping my mouth until he was moaning a bit load then it happened
    I heard Steve my neighbour call out Mick are you there and in he stepped, ta dah. Wow sorry, just as stud erupted in my mouth and held me tight as he emptied his huge load in my mouth without stopping or even turning around I had No option but to swallow as quickly as I could I don't think any of his cum managed to spill out the sides it was such a tight fit in my mouth. He said great job grabbed his clothes and walked out of the shed as he put his head threw his singlet whistling. So there I was naked on my knees in front of Steve who I'd known for about 8 months now, what the Fuk was he thinking. So faggot boy, you like sucking cock hey he finally said, What of it I tried to man up saying, nothing mate nothing at all, so next time I'm feeling horny should I just call you ? Why I said are you a faggot boy too, No No he said and he turned to walk out, wait I said if i suck you off you have to promise you'll never tell Margaret or your wife or anyone, Mate he said if you suck my Cock I ain't Gunna tell anyone or they Will call me faggot boy too. Ok then, i said can we at least go inside my knees are killing me, wherever your comfortable is fine with me Steve said with a huge grin on his face. I was laying with my head over the end of our bed as Steve stepped up to me with a more suitable 6# cock when well ain't this cosy, it was the stud, My other fantasy was just about to be had, I had my first Fuck that day it took a while a lot of lube and patience after i douched and by night fall I had been Fucked twice, sucked them both again, now I'm a Cock slut, Steve calls over a bit more regular now.

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