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    In law school I had a fellow student, a female with balls. She dressed like a guy, short boy haircut, no jewelry, competitive ad nauseum, not tall, not petite, around five six/five seven, icy blue eyes, she breathed testosterone. She was always first in the class and got some perverse pleasure from it.

    Go forward, she joins the Army as a JAG, I go to a commercial law firm in D.C. Then one morning I am running before sun up and I run into her, a short pleasantry and we run side by side. She won't stay back, I ran all my life, I can run till the sun sets, she keeps up, I can see the pain, her breathing, her face, she won't quit and neither do I until she falters and falls. I stood over her and thought what a bitch.

    She was in town on a case, I stood over her until she crawled, she tried to stand and fell, she sat and I didn't move. The minutes ticked by, I kneel and ask her if she wants to go on, it's at least ten miles back from where we hooked up. She says 'fuck you'. She tries again and can't walk, I force her to sit, examine her leg, it looked like a strained or torn achilles, I've seen my share.

    Against her will I picked her up and carried her to the street about a block away and called an Uber and took her to the ER. On crutches I took her back to her hotel.

    I went on to start my day. I called her in the evening but she had checked out. I called around to a guy I know who is also in the JAG. She's known as 'the bitch', she dates college girls, not surprised. I got her number through the alumni database and called and described her panties which were visible under her shorts when she was on the ground and offered to put her out of her misery, just call and I'd go fuck her. It was four months before she called, another two before she fucked. As to the college girls, don't ask.

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