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    I got caught up in an embezzlement scheme, not as the perpetrator but for not reporting what I had found out. I was fired, and the word was out that it was for ethical violations. In addition my professional license was taken away. I did avoid a legal proceeding but only in return for my testimony. My career opportunities dried up and I drifted until I ran out of money and ended up as a manager of a trailer park in return for minimum wage and a place to stay. I collected rent, which was a chore, evicted tenants, cleaned up the place which wasn't much because it was a dump.

    I got to know Herb, a retired steelworker with a bad back. He drank and I gave him cheap liquor in return for company. Herb asked me if I had ever thought about sucking him off. His question left me speechless. That night, alone in my bed I thought about what he said. How low can you go? I sucked his cock, not just once, I sucked his cock.

    Time passed slowly, every week that passed I was worse off, poorer, more depressed and Herb's cocksucker. My desperation drove me to get out, I sold my TV and bed and caught a bus out of town. I'm working in a small town in northern California as a night clerk. It's boring and I find myself thinking about Herb, right now I really want to suck his cock.

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