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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I have for 8 years had a JO buddy. We are a lot alike, have same fantasies about wives mostly. We watch a lot of porn together and talk about fantasies.

    Awhile back, he told me that a guy in the cove behind us, we live on the lake, goes out with some girls on the pontoon sometimes. This guy has friends, they are in 40's to early 50's. They go out on the lake and anchor and swim around with the girls.

    He knows that guy and the guy showed some pics of these cuties, facing away, with bottom of bathing suits down showing the guys their ass. Damn they was some fined butts. I got hard looking at them, mainly cause these are some local babes. I asked how old did the guy say they were, he said legal. So that's good.

    He said what if that was one of your daughters out there? I'm like at first I'd kick some ass. But my youngest was headed for college and I know there is stuff I'm not gonna know.

    He showed some more the guy sent him, faces pretty much cut out. One long haired, thin, bubble butt boobs looking rock hard is familiar. It's my youngest.Wow, didn't know how to feel, at one moment I'm like I'd love to get in with that group and hammer that little thing and then the usual feelings come.

    After looking more and talking, it is what it is.

    There were pics of them sitting on cock on sofa, in pontoon boat, 3 guys sitting around nude with big hard ons, and a number of pics of my dau smiling holding cock and sucking.

    Being bi, I enjoyed the size of some of those shafts, and the thought of those big things had to be stretching her.

    She stays with 2 other girls in apt. I didn't see her till I got my mind together a week maybe later.

    My prob is, when she walks by now, I see that ass bare and those firm C size that don't hang at all. I even get hard.

    Whats wrong with me?

    Fast forward, My JO bud, has by my permission, not that he needed any, but asked what if he went to see if he could get in on it. Well, because he knows the guy, got in on it. I was real interested in what he may say about how things worked, how she acted........what she was it.

    He said when she saw him she wasn't bashful, but said this doesn't go back to anyone right?

    It was getting into the fall of the year so they were in the house, just him, and 3 others. All married business men.

    He got some short vids of her being felt up, her giving head, and one with her being hammered from behind.

    Yes he got some, said tight, and could go all day.

    Whats wrong with me, I jack off thinking about it all the time.

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