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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    I got fed my first cock when I was in the sixth grade by one of my classmates. I liked it and never refused his desire. He moved to another school in the eighth grade and I only saw him once in a while. When I did I savored his cock, he enjoyed laying back and letting me just suck, kiss, favor, lick, manhandle, until after a long time he would come and I could take a few minutes to lick it up. But we didn't see each other as often as we wanted. He didn't let anyone else to suck his cock and I never sucked any one else. As we left high school and went to college we found girls, got married and had families. We met up from time to time and he was always willing to have me suck his cock, and I was more than happy to do so.

    My wife unfortunately contracted cancer and fought it for four years until the cancer took her. His wife got Alzheimer's and is institutionalized. We are now old men approaching seventy and we enjoy our childhood friendship as much as we did then. I truly enjoy the feeling and taste, texture, smell of his cock. He is just as willing to let me enjoy myself. We have never felt the need or feelings of romantic attachment. Like wanting a glass of wine, I want to feel his cock in my mouth. I just love his cock. I just cannot understand how you can go through life and never enjoy a cock sucking experience. But that's me.

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    I got my first blow job from a guy when I was 15 he was late 20's, up until that time I had been sucked off from 8 by the girl next door, many girlfriends in high school, but the feeling I got from him sucking my Cock was the best I had or have since, i actually thought there was something wrong with me I just kept spurting cum as he continued sucking my Cock, until i had to beg him to stop saying please no more, laying on my back I had been gripping the bed the whole time it was so intense, my fingers were aching. I felt so drained, No pun intended. I couldn't move then he whispered in my ear do you want to suck my cock now, i managed to moan nuh, i was Exhausted I had NEVER experienced such an orgasm like that before. He then commented on how much I had Cum in his mouth and that I should at least give him a hand job in return and gently lifted my hand and placed it on his Big fucking Cock, OMG up until then I didn't even realise he was naked, I had been sleeping when I woke up realising my cock was being sucked, he was huge. I let my fingers drop and spread over his Cock until I was in a position to hold his meat, Ummmm he moaned, there that feels good doesn't it, do you like feeling a big Cock in your hands, Its different I said I'm always playing with my cock kind of nice to be holding a big one like yours. Yeah i love the way your stroking mine, I didn't even realise I had started jerking him off, It felt really, really Hot playing with another guys Cock especially such a BIG Cock, thinking back he must have been at least 7# maybe even 8# and fat too, No hair either. He was moaning real load saying oh your such a natural at stroking Cock, My hands started aching again and I slowed down to a stop, he said what don't stop now I'm so close to cumming, I can't I said almost pleading, can't you finish yourself, No he snapped back at me I sucked your Cock and swallowed All your yummy sperm, Now you have to finish me, I tried again but my wrists were so sore I couldn't go on. Fine he said, roll onto your stomach and I'll just Fuk your arse and cum inside your bottom, NO I said and tried jumping off the bed but as son as I put my hands down to push myself up the pain was unbearable and I fell back. Look he said if you can't pull me off, and you won't let me Fuk you then you'll have to suck my Cock like i did for you, but i didn't ask you to I said, And you didn't stop me either did you. So I'll get some lube and Fuk your right little hole, It won't be tight after I've Fukd you. Ok I said now really scared I will try sucking you then, Good he said and rolled onto his back. I reached for his Cock with my other hand and started stroking his Cock until it was hard again I could see little bits of cum dripping out so i thought ok he's close he helped me sit up, and pulled me over until I my lips were on his Big purple knob and he said just try licking me first if you want, It doesn't taste bad. I knew I had to get it over with or he would tear my arse apart with it, so i stuck out my tongue and licked at his Cum, Mmm yeah nice, how's that taste then he said, Its ok I said. Good then finish the job and he pulled my head down and forced his Cock into my mouth holding my head firmly he worked my mouth up and down his big pole I felt helpless like a was just a toy, his Fuk toy. He was pretty brutal and was in total control of my head and mouth as he just lifted me up and lowered me pulling me further down each time until his knob was pounding the back of my mouth and eventually went into my throat, he didn't care that I was gagging and had snot running out of my nose all he thought about was his own pleasure. Ohhh yeah that's it, that's it grip me tight you little Slut, yeah you like my Cock in your mouth now don't you Slut yeah feels really good yeah, yeah oh yes oh Fuk get ready here comes My big load now, Fuuuuk then I felt my throat filling with his cum trying to gulp it down or drown before he pulled out so his knob was just inside my lips as I think he finished cumming, just swallow he kept saying just swallow, swallow it all down, Good boy, Good good boy. Yeah you see that wasn't so hard was it, No, Good then every time i babysit you from now on we can do each other, Ok. Yes Uncle Steve.

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