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    Straight Male / 50

    I indeed had an experience in a closet.
    When I was a boy (till the Age of 13) I often hided in the Closet of my parents. Often I slept there.
    One Day our Grandpa was watching for me and my Sister (i was 11, sister 10).
    I was asleep in my parents closet and woke up by voices in the Room.
    It was my grandpa and my sister. They took off all their clothes and layed down on the Bed.
    It was funny. First grandpa licked her between her legs and she giggled all the Time. The he layed down on his back and my sister took his penis in her mouth. It got bigger and bigger and he took her Head in his hands and he shook all over. I stayed quite until they dressed and went down the stairs.

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