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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    My first time same sex experience. I got a job for a small company and the office manager asked me to work late. She promised to buy dinner if I helped her finish. After we left the office we stopped by a small Italian place and had a dinner and she invited me up to her apartment which was a couple of blocks away. The place was very much her place and she had a couple of 8X10s of herself, she asked for a moment and came out in a nightshirt and barefoot and said she just couldn't stand all that that stuff constraining her, holding up her boobs under her nightshirt.

    It gets long if I go step by step but she got on top of me on the couch and pried my legs open and got her mouth up into my panties biting while she worked on dragging my panties off. She said she was a bitch and she intended to get her girl, she wanted pussy and tits and ass and she wanted me. Every time I pushed her away she got stronger, grabbing at my panties with one hand and using the other to push my hands away. She got on top of me holding me down by the shoulders and said for me to give her tits. She sat up and took off her nightshirt and her tits were hanging in my face. I was too small to defend myself and she tore off my shirt and yelled at me to give her tits.

    When I got my bra off which was not easy because she was sitting on me she grabbed my tit and started to suck on it like a demon, letting go from time to time telling me I was her pussy that night. I started laughing and she kissed me and then went back to my panties and pulled them off from under my skirt and this time I opened my legs and let her eat me out. She twisted me around so I was with my back to the cushions and spread my legs wide apart and ate me from the floor. Every so often she would look up at me and tell me that I had a good pussy and she knew pussy and mine was good.

    She took me by the hand and said off to the bedroom girl, I am going to fuck you tonite. Her fingers fucked me and she stuck her thumb in my bottom and sucked on my clit and sent me into a crazy orgasm. We ended the night with me having to eat her pussy and nibble on her clit for her to orgasm too.

    She is a rather buxom woman, 44 years old, blonde and blue eyed from California. She is real nice but she likes sex play and she is 100% a pussy woman, she swears she has never let a dick near her. She laughs when she is kissing and she likes to get her hands all over you and kiss your tits and slurp on your pussy. She has large tits, that don't fit in my hands, she likes having them played with and having her nipples sucked. And she likes having her pussy eaten and her clit played with. She has toys, several toys, vibrators of various kinds and various size dildos and she uses them all.

    I have several torn blouses and have lost several pair of panties. She says she keeps them under her pillow to help her sleep, she calls it her aroma therapy. I really can't say that smelling dirty panties does anything for me, but I didn't think that smelling a pussy would either and it drives me nuts now. That and her tits, they drive me nuts, feed me her tits or her pussy and she makes me happy. It has been only two months she mounted me that night, but it feels like forever. She knows that when she was mounting me that night I had a couple of orgasms, she says she could tell when she was biting my panties off of me. She says she saw it in my eyes, seeing as she has had so much experience.

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