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    Bi-Sexual Male / 55

    Sounds hot, we had only been married for about 2 years when my wife was making another attempt at sucking Cock I eventually blew my load in her mouth and she threw up on my stomach and said I'd like to see you do it better. That planted a seed, i recalled when i was 15 I was sucked off by a guy who was in his late 20's still remembered it as the best blow job I've EVER had to this day, i just kept spurting cum and he kept sucking, wanking and swallowed it all. Then slid up to my ear and whispered do you want to suck me now, U uh no thanks, i had already cut, just wanted to get out of there and did, put the whole thing out of my head, until the wife said that. I'm laying there thinking it can't be that hard right ?. It's now 20 years later and I've been sucked of by 11 men, had 8 Cocks in my mouth, swallowed um only twice, 2 guys have tried fucking me, neither had any lube or patience and never got past pushing me onto my back and getting my legs in the air before I got the he'll Outa there, Would definitely Love to be feel a mans hands on my waist one day after he's lubed me up good and can't wait to feel a Big Hard Cock popping inside me for the first time, But until I find the right Man for the job, I'll just continue meeting up with married men and sucking their Cocks in public dressing rooms, rest rooms their homes and occasionally mine
    As it Is Not that hard to suck a Big Cock it's just the swallowing their jizz that worries me, the ones I did was only because we'd been talking for some time, I felt confident they were clean and dfree and I LOVED the feeling of a Man pumping his warm load in my mouth and gulping it down, Without throwing up.

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    now that you are older. do you still suck dick, have you suck black

    dick. if so did you enjoy it .
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    It's a mind set. In my teens had a girl friend that loved sex. She would blow me but never let me cum in her mouth. One night she said u can cum in my mouth if u want to. After I filled her mouth she ran to the bathroom spit it out. She said don't ever ask me to do that again. I said to bad it felt so fucking good. She slept on it the next night she said sorry about last night it really wasn't that bad it was the thought of it in my mouth. As time went on she got good and loved my cum. Have to get your mind into it. the first time I swallowed a load I felt guilty about having gay sex. After I got over it I really started to enjoy it
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    If you ever find somebody that takes their time, you will probably love cum in your ass. I always make sure they are well lubed and my cock is greased up well. I'll finger bang their ass first and then slide in while you're on your back. I like to jerk the guys cock while I'm pumping their ass, and they always cum hard themselves. When it comes to oral, almost any guy can suck cock better than most women. That being said, if I can cum, it's not a bad blowjob.

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