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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    Well, I have thought about it time to time for years.

    Now that there is no sex at home I have been thinking about meeting a safe straight married guy to suck off.

    I met a guy the other day at the walking trail I go to. We had a good conversation as we walked. Mostly about the hot looking moms and girls out walking.

    I told him it would be nice but I didn't know if I could do one any good anymore.

    He said well he didn't have that problem, his problem is the wife is frigid.

    So I guess you have to take matters in your own hands then? He you gotta do what you gotta do. I asked a question that I figured would give him an idea where I was headed. I said well I guess your nuts are full and hurt some.

    He said oh yes, all the time.

    Surprising myself I said well I might could help with that.

    I met him the next day on some property I own. He dropped his shorts and a perfect looking cock popped out. Gorgeous big head, he claimed 8 inches, big balls.

    I have never sucked one before but it came natural I guess. I slow sucked him, taking as much as I could, played with those big ball, sucked on them lightly one at a time.

    After awhile he started fucking my mouth, he got off in my mouth, I swallowed got on it again and he shot another good squirt.

    We have met now about twice a week for the last 3 months.

    He said he has another friend that might like to come with him sometime.

    I said that would be fine.

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    Sounds like you've found a good replacement. All guys need the relief and if you can't find a woman, many times the guys are just as good or better! The best blowjobs I've ever had have been from guys. Have fun!
    29 days ago
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    That is really HOT! Wish I could join in. bi married male 42
    22 days ago

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