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    As a freshman I moved into a men's dorm, guys and girls lived in separate dorms and curfew was nine o'clock, opposite sex in your dorm room after curfew was grounds for expulsion. Girls from the same floor in their dorm came by every room to sign up to do our laundry for the semester. My girl also cleaned my bathroom and my side of the room, folded and put my clothes away and most days stopped by to make my bed. In return they had a fixed date arrangement, for football season, Friday nights. If you thought you would date another girl then the new girl did your laundry, cleaned and made your bed. I maybe knew two guys who dated a girl from another dorm, you basically were paired off from your freshman year. My girl finally gave me sex in my junior year when I moved off campus, in return for a ring. Sex meant you were getting married. We married the summer we graduated and settled down to have a family. Three kids before we were 28. These girls were serious girls, you better be serious too. Being in love was automatic, she was your girlfriend from day one in the dorm and you fell in love because you were tied at the hip. By the time you got sex you had begged for a year, and you bought her a ring, or as in my case she got my grandmother's engagement ring. Sex was serious business, the pill was unavailable and pregnancies were very likely, she played a high stakes poker game giving you sex. You married her. You stayed married. Those were the conditions.

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