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    Straight Female / 25

    Do men like to be teased? (by strangers?)

    I m really looking forward to my husband taking me out dancing this weekend. I want to use the opportunity to flirt and tease. Just a little. I want to attract their lust and attention. Obviously I cant fuck them (yet, until I get my husband to agree to group sex) but I want them to know that I would if I could, maybe.

    Im just a little bitch in heat and I want to play. Do men appreciate that or do they hate it? Thanks xo

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    As a woman, do you appreciate having money, cars and a nice big home waved in your face but are not allowed to have them?

    Stupid whore
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    We love it!
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    Ignore the comment of #1.

    There are men like me that love women that are "a little bitch in heat".

    I married one, here pussy is always wet. We have a deal, if she fucks a cock that I don't know about, tell me when I am pumping from behind, pulling your hair back between moans. Her pussy is wet all the time. Mouth ready for a cock. I'm 35 and she is a sexy 27. Unfortunately can't get pregnant and I think its the body wanting cum all the time.
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    Ignore comment #3. This is how you get herpes.
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    You get herpes from unsafe sexual practices. There are plenty of couples and married men who play safe. If you're looking to tease, yeah, men like it, to an extent. It all depends on how far you take it. A flash of cleavage, breasts, panties, or more is always welcome, but if you take it too far don't be surprised when you get some very forward advances. And, depending on the scene, i.e. at a club, alcohol + testosterone could place your man in a position that he does not want to be in.

    That being said, I've done it with past girlfriends. Let them go to the club on their own and do their thing, dance and flirt. I would show up later, often when there were a guy or two keeping them company, and I wouldn't bother introducing myself, but just lean over, give her a kiss, and run my hand across her breast. It was always comical. The guys who, up until then, had believed they were candidates to get lucky were stunned. I never had a single problem with any of them, but then again, I was also pretty jacked. I'm not tall, 5'10, but I was a lean and solid 210ish, and had some boxing background. All it took was a smile from me at them and they got the hint. Not many guys are going to start a fight over a piece of ass they have no chance of getting.

    Anyhow, the short answer to all of this is to make sure your husband is on board with your plans, and has the confidence and attitude to be cool and have fun with it. Too many guys think they can handle having their gf or wife fool around with or fuck another guy, but I have found that is rarely the case. I'm cool with it, I just wish my gf was more like my ex.
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    Agree for the most part with #5, although it gets irritating spending time/effort/money on someone if theres no chance of moving forward.
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    #3 & #5 are correct.

    Let me add this :
    When you go out with your husband and want to tease,
    Go without panties and phuck him right before you leave.
    Have him finger you on the way.
    Pay the most attention to him
    And you can end up doing whatever you want because
    He'll know he's number one.
    Pretty soon, he'll be letting you fuck guys when he's not even there.
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    Yes, men do like being teased and their wives/gfs teased often to the extreme BUT hardly up to having sex with others. My hubby loves it and as soon as we return home, we cannot wait long to have voluptuous sex - we just jump and attack each other almost tearing off each others to get undressed.
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    Yes,men do love it when a hot gal flirts and teases and if she is married that's fine too it just puts the ball in her court if anything other than that might happen for most men anyway..

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