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    Lesbian Female / 52

    I grew up on a dairy farm. Everyone pitched in, from the youngest to the oldest. I am the eldest of five kids, three girls and two boys. My father is a lot older than my mother and he had his group of friends who were also all dairy farmers and my mother taught school. We lived in a two bedroom, one bath house. All the kids in one bedroom, the girls in one bed and the boys in the other bed. There was no privacy and no modesty, not among the girls or the boys and not between the girls and the boys, the boys got erections and showed them off and the girls got tits and showed them off. When it came time to sleep the boys were all over the bed but the girls were all tight together, I don't think my youngest sister ever slept that she wasn't in my arms and on my pillow.

    I turned 18 and my mother said I was going to go into town with her and she was going to buy me a new dress for the senior prom. In the dressing room I stripped down to my underwear and the other girls and ladies stared at me. I had to change bras because of the dress and I took my bra off and stood still while this one girl stared at me. She had tits herself but staring at mine made me feel good, well actually it is the first time I remember feeling sexually excited. I got wet. We stood there, she was looking at my tits and I was looking into her pretty face. I felt like I wanted to hug her like I did my little sister, I wanted to kiss her. I don't know if it was two minutes or five but I had to get my other bra on and the dress and I went out to my mother and she asked me what took so long.

    That night I dreamt of the girl, I dreamt that I was holding her and caressing her and kissing her, except I was holding and caressing and kissing my little sister. I had a crush on this girl and I didn't know her name and I never went to the city. I didn't even know what grade she was in, maybe tenth or maybe night grade.

    After I graduated from high school I got a job like most high school girls did working at Sears. I asked to work in the girl's clothes department and because I had two younger sisters I got the job. I got to see all the girls from the town change clothes, see their panties and bras and their legs and belly buttons and their lips and their eyes and their hair, some had bushy panties and others weren't bushy yet. One girl asked if I knew if they carried these panties and I pulled up my dress and asked her if those were the panties she was describing. She said yes and I went and got her three pair of panties.

    My sister had a friend over one Sunday after church and they were going to go out and play in the above ground pool we had in the back yard. She didn't have a bathing suit so my sister loaned her one and I got to watch as they got naked and put on their bathing suits, those small tits and they both by then had a decent bush. I made sure that I watched them change back into their clothes.

    At the end of the summer I went to college, it was only sixty miles away but it was as far away as I had ever been on my own. I saw my dorm mate naked. She slapped my face but I still watched her change and get naked. I was sitting on my bed and she walked over to me and stood a few inches from my face and asked me why I stared at her. I could see the outline of her pussy under her bush, her legs moving from one foot to the other. I put my hands on her hips and kissed her pussy. It was a very long kiss, using my lips to cover her pussy and after a few minutes my tongue to explore her pussy. She stood there until I stopped and looked up at her and she told me I was strange.

    But not so strange that she let me kiss her pussy again and walk her back to her bed and sit her down and open her legs and I told her I loved her and I put my mouth on her pussy and this time I didn't stop until I had an orgasm. My first person to person orgasm. I loved her and I loved being naked with her and kissing her and her tits and her pussy. I made her tell me she loved me and I showed her how I held my sister to sleep and that's how I wanted to hold her to sleep, and if we slept like that we both fit on that single dorm room bed.

    By the time we were seniors we were very experienced with each other and we could sit and kiss and hold hands and talk about what we were going to do after we left college. I was going to be a teacher so she decided to be a teacher and she signed up for getting her teacher's certificate. We didn't quite get the same school district but we were fifteen miles apart and we lived together. No one thought anything of it, two teachers living together, but they didn't know what we did. I like to think that there wasn't much we didn't do, by then we had been together four years and we were quite adept and making the other one have an orgasm.

    A rumor was started that one of the teachers at school was a lesbian. I helped the rumor to cover for myself and we all settled on this woman called Joan. She wasn't a lesbian, she was just a little fat and never had a boyfriend. The rumor taught us to get boyfriends and we did. The stupid guys dated you but they wanted sex and that is where things got difficult. We played that we would not have sex before marriage, we didn't have intercourse but the boys went all the way to third base and beyond, they just didn't get their dick in us. Things were just to complicated and I told my girlfriend it was time to raise anchors and head to L.A. where we would not have a problem.

    That's how it was when we were in our twenties. Of course now we are in our fifties and married and no one says a thing, but we don't teach school either. I got over my attraction to girls my little sister's age once I got attracted to a naked girl my age. I still have a deep attraction to girls in their twenties and early thirties, that's my kind of girl. My wife laughs, why would some twenty year old want to have anything to do with a fifty year old butch?

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