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    Gay Male / 48

    Working in Detroit for the auto industry with a mid size supplier I had a job as a designer for door hinges. That's what I did, this was before CADCAM was used in the company we worked for. I made hundreds of drawings of door hinges, varying by the most miniscule sizes and orientations. My job was pretty much eight to five and Monday to Friday. On weekends I took care of errands, laundry and stuff. My life was normal.

    A new designer was hired and he was put into our drafting room and he was given the job or designing door latches. That's all he did and all I did was hinges. We became friends and after several weeks he suggested that we go see the new movie that was out, Jaws. In the packed movie theater, between all the screaming girls, he kept trying to grab my hand. At one such grab he missed my hand and grabbed my pants and he did not let go. He maneuvered his hand until he had my dick in his hand and as much as I tried to pry his hand off my dick I couldn't. So I sat quietly with my hands over his hands and his hand on my dick playing with it. During a particularly dark scene he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

    After the movie we got up and I had to go the men's room and he followed and stood beside me as we peed into the urinal looking over the urinal to get a look at my dick. In the car, he was driving that night and we were up on the fourth floor of the parking garage, he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me over to him and kissed my mouth. He let me go but not by much and said he was horny and he wanted a blow job and he undid his pants and got his dick out which was fully erect and bent my head down until his dick was touching my face telling me to open up and suck his dick. I sucked him as best I knew how.

    We went to his apartment that he shared with another guy and he told his roommate to get lost he wanted to be alone. He stood me against the refrigerator and kissed me while he put his hands down my pants. He pulled me and we went into his room and got undressed, I didn't resist and when he was totally naked on the bed with his hard dick I got on the bed and sucked him until he grabbed me and pulled me up to kiss and ground his dick against mine. He put me on my stomach and got some KY Jelly off his nightstand and he buttered me up and got on and I was his boyfriend.

    The whole scene was out of this world, the movie theater, being kissed in the car and sucking his dick in the car, making out in the kitchen and getting naked and ending up becoming his boyfriend. To tell the truth I dreaded the moment that I was going to become a boyfriend, the whole thing scared me no end. I thought about it, I dreamt about it but when the day it happened came I surrendered to the most erotic thing there could be. I was totally overcome and he and I became lovers and roommates and I reveled in being his boyfriend, I enjoyed being his boy Friday vacuuming and washing our clothes, wearing those small tight underwear he bought for me, making out to all hours of the night, and anything and everything to do with his dick. That was a long time ago now but just thinking about it makes me want to get dicked right now. It's in my blood. He was my first and in many ways he is who I think of most often.

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