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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    Iâve been cross dressing ever since I can remember. I love dressing up as slutty as I can.

    What I really love is to be degrated and humiliated. For some reason it really turns me on.

    I live to do things like drive at night while only wearing lingerie, or walking on a dark road at night dress all slutty. I love the fear of being caught and publicly humiliated for the little whore slut I really am.

    If anyone wants to e-mail me to humiliate or degraded me, my e-mail is [email protected]@g***l.**m

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    Ugh e-mail is [email protected]@ Gmail . Com

    Please humiliate me and treat me like a little sissy faggot
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    I am 62 and a in the closet cross dresser. Me wife's job has her travel 2 to 3 days a week 2 to 3 weeksvever month. That sets me up to enjoy cross dressing. I hide all my goodies from her. We stop having sex over 8 years ago we both lost interest with each other. We have not been naked in front of each other in at least 5 years. I
    love getting all doll up go out at night and drive around. I am hairless in the winter, in the summer let my chest hair grow the rest in the summer I keep every thing else just short of shaving so no one knows my secrete. I love hearing my heels clicking on the pavers. I have 2 married steady guys I see. One is in his late 60's and just wants to be sucked. He loves watching his cock part my bright red lips as he grabs my long hair and fuck my mouth. The other one a 40 year old likes full blown gay sex. He fuck me so good and has me leaking everywhere.
    I know IT'S only a fantasy but would love to live as a women. I would love to get bigger tits have my balls and cock get smaller. I now have 44 b's long 1 inch nipples. I have tiny balls that don't hang anymore and a 1/2 inch flaccid Dick that only gets to 3 inches if it gets hard at all. Been on testosterone blockers for a year now.

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