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    Bi-Sexual Female / 24

    My husband is 52 and I am 24. I married him for his money and he's pretty good at sex. I cheated and I got caught, that was a year ago. I could leave with nothing as in the pre-nup or ... I took the or! I do anything he wants sexually, he is very into degrading me and humiliating me naked. I am now tattooed with his name above my pussy "Michel's Pussy" and "Anal Slut" split across my butt cheeks very low so I can't wear a bikini without it showing. I endure more anal sex than vaginal sex now, and he has my pussy stretched so much his hand very easily fits inside me now. Every morning after he has his pleasures, I am lubed and he puts a 1 liter Aquafina water bottle in me. I lay there with it inside me for 30 minutes minimum or until he finishes shaving, showering, dressing etc. Then he yanks it out, throws it on the bed. It is my job to clean it up for the next day and put it on my nightstand with the bottle of lubricant for the next morning. Sometimes he uses it in and out of me during the night for sex. He's used it on me for up to an hour. He says this is my punishment so I'll never be able to satisfy another man.

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    With that sort of treatment, why not continue cheating?
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    Hell, you're 24. Wondering why you don't leave and make it on your own?
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    Leave him. Thats lame and abusive.

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