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    Just got married last week, got married on my birthday. So been on our honeymoon since last Saturday and enjoying our time. Staying in her parents beach condo in Florida. Sex on our wedding night was probably the best sex we ever had.

    Then comes the first day on our honeymoon, my wife gets her period. Weâve never done anything when sheâs on her period other then her maybe giving me a blowjob. So it was in the afternoon and she told me she wanted to have sex on her honeymoon and she was willing to try getting her ass fucked. So Iâm rimming her in the living room till she starts sucking my dick. We go into the bedroom and she starts lubing up

    By that point Iâm very horny. I sit on the bed and she slides right down on my cock. Weâre both anal virgins too. This is after she had her morning coffee, I know bad choice. So I got her on her back and Iâm pounding away at her ass. Finally she says fuck my pussy. I said your on your heavy day and she says who cares. So Iâm fucking her pussy, my dick is now blood covered and sheâs moaning and screaming. Sheâs already orgasmed three times.

    Iâm fucking her pussy hard till I pull out a d shove my bloody cock in her ass. She lets out a scream and cums again. I blow a huge load in her ass. I collapsed on her and were both sweaty and tried. Our pubes are covered in blood and weâre kissing while Iâm still in her ass.

    Must had been that big load that I blew in her but she stops kissing and pushes me out of her ass. I look bad I got shit on my dick. So my bloody dick is now shit covered too.

    We both shower together not mentioning what happened till I laughed about it. She did too. Standing in the bathroom after the shower, I got my white briefs on and she has a white thong on. Soon enough she walks out and notices we got blood all over the white bedding.

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