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    Straight Female / 28

    I am an Indian so ignore my english. I was traditional and religious Indian girl who taught to worship husband. I married in young age. My husband was boring typical old minded guy. He had very low sex drive. No foreplay no romance. He hates porn and act like oral, anal, cumshot. On the other side I was totally opposite. I wanted to be gangbanged, wanted 3 cocks for fy mouth, pussy and ass. I used to watch porn when he was at work. I didn't want to cheat him but I had no option. I made fake fcaebook id and started chatting with boys from outside country specially US, UK and middle east. Then I met this guy who was young, rich and energetic. He was 23 and did lots of parties, group sex etc. He sent me dick pic, it was circumcised and long. He callleÄĆ me to Oman where he has his own beach resort. But I refused as it was not possible. He asked to come to India, I accepted. I told ho bring his friends also as I want to fulfill all my wishes in 1 night. He sent me his travelling schedule along with his 3 friends. Then I requested to my hubby to go to New Delhi to attend friends wedding. At first he refused but agreed later on. I booked to ticket on same date. I reached New Delhi as he was already arrived and checked in in hotel. It was 7 in the evening when I reached to hotel. I was nervous, my heart was pumping. He open the door welcome me in the room where other guys are waiting for me. It was full suite. I was very shy and wanted to go back. I just entered in washroom standing in shower with dress On. Then he came inside, joined me in shower. Started kissing me then he removed all my clothes 1 by 1. I was lying on floor he ws toughing my clit. I was enjoying then he started fucking me. After 10 mints he asked to go outside I said Yes. We went outside. And continue in bed. All other guys joined us and I just closed my eyes. 1 dick in my mouth 1 pussy 1 in lubricating my ass 1 is waiting for his turn. They all fucked me overnight my holes are swollen. I had enough cum in stomach as I swallowed most. I woke up early in the morning, all guys around me still sleeping naked. I went to washroom to check my self. My pussy has scratched, my ass was wide open. So many tooth mark around boobs. So I decided to go and I just left with good buy note. And came to my place taking next flight. My husband was surprised. I said I didn't feeling well. He was in doubt because he wants to fuck me that night but I refused. I took pill next day and my periods started So I had 7 days as hindu never touch their wives during periods. After 1 week I was Ok. I check his messages. He also enjoyed that night and already left India. I never repeat those things Now I have 2 kids and I am busy with them.

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    This is so great to read. I fantasize about Indian women. Something sexy about what's underneath the garb.Beautiful dark skin and nipples to be ravaged. Are the majority of Indian women more prude because of religious beliefs?

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