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    Lesbian Female / 27

    I was born out of a mistaken involvement between my mother and father. It was God's punishment to my mother for going out with him. For a long time she refused to marry him but she didn't refuse his support. She married him when I was eight and we all lived together in his home. My father's law practice had grown quite a bit and my mother always selected who he hired. He interviewed first, for skills but she interviewed last and she decided who stayed and who left, who got hired and who got fired. And so in comes Cristina.

    Cristina had finished law school and had been an intern for a multinational law firm in London. She met my father at a convention and he asked her to stop by and see if she would want to change firms. My mother fell in love with her the day she met her. It wasn't a casual love, it was out there in full force. Cristina was going to work for my father, she had everything, she was bright and well schooled, and she was just so much of everything that my mother liked. My mother never said hello without kissing her on the lips. It was awkward for a twelve year old to watch her mother behave like that and talk about this girl all day and all night long. This was to be my roll model, I was to grow up and be just like Cristina. Top of my class, top of my sport, lawyer like my father, cool calm and collected, but a tigress in battle. My mother kissed her so much that Cristina sometimes looked around at anyone who would save her. My mother decided that Cristina should come live with us.

    Cristina never had a chance, it wasn't her decision where she lived. The nursery beside my parent's room was converted into a bedroom for Cristina, except that my father had the doorway expanded into a two door passageway between the rooms, and Cristina used my parent's bathroom. Cristina woke up in my parent's bed most of the time, many times when I went in her bed had not been slept in. My mother got pregnant after Cristina moved in, that was the price my father demanded for Cristina. Then Cristina got pregnant.

    We lived in this house where my mother kissed Cristina and everyone in the outside world thought my father kissed Cristina. My mother had found her one and only. My father had his thing, as my mother called it and I am sure that he had his thing with Cristina too, after all she got pregnant. But that the price for Cristina living with my mother.

    I grew up and went to college and graduated with honors and I was accepted to law school and Cristina held my hand all the way. After law school I got a chance to go to London to study International Law. Cristina didn't like that, she didn't want me in London. She had been there as a young lawyer she did not want me in London and she made it clear. My that time my father's firm was large, with over fifty lawyers. Cristina hired a young intern, Gabriela. Gabriela would go with me to London, to look after me and she would study Maritime Law. Gabriela had strict instructions. Strict. That was the condition.

    Gabriela and I landed in London and after a night at a hotel we went to the apartment that my father had leased for our stay, in the right part of town and easy to get back and forth to our studies, a three story flat with a small living, dining and kitchen on the second floor and two bedrooms on the third. One faced the park across the street, not big but bigger than the second bedroom which faced the back. Gabriela said she would not sleep in the little bedroom, she wanted to sleep with me. We were alone in London and Gabriela got in bed with me and made sure I understood just what she wanted. This wasn't up for discussion. We were not going to sleep in separate rooms. Now I knew why Cristina liked Gabriela.

    When you have never been made love to and the person comes along that makes love to you, you get attached. And when that person makes love to you every chance she gets, kisses you and sleeps with you, you get attached. My mother had told me to use this time to get to know myself, well I did. We lived a wonderful two years in London, far away from any prying eyes, and all alone to find ourselves. In my mind I want to believe that was the reason that Gabriela had been selected to go with me to London. Gabriela to me is Cristina to my mother, I kiss her all the time.

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