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    Lesbian Female / 28

    At the time I was 26 and had not quite admitted to myself that I was attracted to women as opposed to men. I just thought I had not met the right guy. I took a room in a duplex with two other girls and worked the morning shift at the hospital. Next door in the other duplex lived a couple, immigrants from Russia. The wife I guessed to be my age or a couple of years older and the husband was in his mid thirties. He worked at the utility plant as the night engineer and she stayed home. They had been married for several months and she wasn't comfortable looking for a job. I knew all this because she talked to me and we stood on the porch for an hour that afternoon.

    She invited me to have lunch with her. Her husband was asleep so it was the two of us, she had made a Russian stew and it was OK. We talked, she told me how lonely she was and I guess I had to be her friend. When I was home she came over and when I came home from work I would knock on her door to let her know I was home. We spent a lot of time together, and we went grocery shopping together. She was nice looking and had a nice body. We went to Target one afternoon, not really for anything, just to get out.

    While walking through the isles she said she could get some underwear and we walked over to the ladies department and she found a pack of ordinary panties. I laughed at her and said those panties were for old ladies and gave her a pair of high cut bikini panties. She turned them down and said her husband would never let her wear something like that. I answered that I didn't really believe she wore those granny panties. She lifted her dress and showed me that in fact she had granny panties on. I had never had someone flash me and show me their panties. My reaction was to have to tell her they looked awful and that I was sure once her husband saw how nice the other panties were he would prefer them. I took her to the dressing room and pushed my pants down and showed her that I had on the panties I was suggesting. I had never shown anyone my panties before.

    We bought the panties and went to the dressing room and we took off her panties as she held up her dress I held the panties and she stepped into them and I pulled them up. I had never looked at a Russian pussy before, I had never really looked at a pussy before, not as a pussy. I pulled her new panties up and got them on so that they were tight and holding up her dress we admired how they made her look. For sure her husband had to like that. She asked me to show her how they looked on me and I lowered my pants again and let her look. Her fingers reached out and touched my pussy. She didn't say a word and I stood there silently letting her touch. I lifted her dress and touched her pussy.

    We went back and went into her bathroom and she changed back into her normal panties and asked me to hold her new panties for her, she would wear them when we went out but not for her husband. I didn't like how she looked and told her and took some of the fabric of her granny panties and showed her how loose it was. We stood there in the bathroom of her house and we stood there while I touched her pussy. This time I went over her pussy with my fingers, pressing my fingers into her lips, she stood with her tongue in her lip and I had a half smile while I drew my finger around her pussy. I pushed my pants down and let her touch my pussy again. When her husband went to work that night I went back over to her house and I took off my clothes and took off her panties and helped her get out of her nightgown and I touched her naked pussy and kissed her naked pussy. I sucked her tit then kissed her. She lay there not moving so I laid down beside her and kissed her again and played with her tit and then got up and opened her legs and I got between her knees and went down on her.

    I ate her for a long time, she was so wet and her pussy smelled and tasted funny but it made me want to continue to eat her so I did. I opened her vagina with my fingers and put a finger in, a bit at first then pushed it all the way in. My face was completely covered with her pussy juice but she just kissed back when I kissed her. We laid there for an hour, both of us naked deep in the dark, playing with her tits and eating her pussy and kissing. She didn't try to kiss my tits or pussy, she let me do it all. I went back to my side of the duplex to get dressed to go to work.

    When I got home after work I knocked on her door but she didn't let me in. I asked her if she was all right and she said her husband was home and maybe it wasn't right to be there when he was asleep. She hurt me real bad, I went back to my room and cried. I had cried myself out when I looked back and she was standing in my room. She came and got on the bed with me and we hugged and she let me kiss her. We talked and she told me that when she was in secondary school she had kissed with a girl and her mother had found out. I told her I had never kissed a girl before. I got up and made sue the door was closed and took off my top and got on the bed topless and let her touch my tits and this time she kissed them. I slipped out of my work pants and opened my legs and gave myself to her and she did go down on me. This time I kissed her with the taste and smell of my pussy on her face.

    She never told her husband, he worked nights and I worked the morning shift and we went out together and sometimes we came over to my room to get naked, and sometimes I went to her room after her husband had gone to work and I ate pussy the rest of the night. Any pretension that we weren't having lesbian sex would have been stupid. I felt lots of desire for her, and I felt that I needed to see her, I was falling in love with her. Everyone knows not to fall in love with a married woman. Her husband took her away from me and they went to live in Vermont and I was the one that was lonely after she left. It took a long time before I let myself kiss another girl, another nurse who worked with me. She is American and she is not married to a man and she likes being a lesbian, she lives the gay way. I came out to my family but I haven't come out at work or anywhere else. I am a lesbian, I know that now and I am in love with her, but I just can't live the gay way, not yet.

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