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    Straight Male / 35

    First let me say i understand if you do not believe this story, if i heard it i wouldn't believe it either so here it goes.

    I work for one of the big 3 i am a UAW member with the protection it affords my supervisor is a cute mid 30s short black woman (who ill call A)who ive always butted heads with, as a matter of fact she tried to get me fired once although i only actually got a couple days off.

    Fast forward to recently and during the course of my job as a quality inspector i identified a flaw in some parts we were running. After taking a picture and texting her the issue she said "its fine run it" i knew it wasnt fine but she wouldn't listen despite my protests. So we ran the parts and as i thought they were bad and couldn't be shipped threatening to shut down some assembly plants. This is a absolute disaster that was squarely on her shoulders. Once the plant manager finds out she signed off she will be fired no doubt in my mind.

    So in a effort to cover her ass she calls me up to her office (we work 3rd shift aka midnights) and starts trying to convince me that she didnt want me to run the parts. After showing her the text messages and her replies she starts to sob and begins with the "i cant lose my job" and "i struggled so bad before and i got bills to pay" and blah blah blah. So she asks me to take the blame knowing that as a uaw member i will only get a few days off, I remind her she tried to have me fired before and basically tell her no fucking way. She really starts crying and starts begging me to please help her out. I say fuck no and get up to leave and she physically grabs me and say "please ill do anything"

    So i sit back down and for some reason my dick starts to get hard and my heart starts beating really fast it must have been he pathetic display that got me turned on so i was like ok fuck it im gonna go for it. I look at her and say ok then "get on your knees" she physically recoiled when i said it and looked at my like i was insane, then she started sputtering about no i cant and harrassment and some other bullshit but i could tell she was seriously considering it and i was seriously turned on watching her melt down.

    So after like 20 seconds i just pull my hard dick out its literally twitching and leaking pre cum i just sit there staring at her. At this point the devil on my shoulder is in full control i look her in the eyes and say "get on your fucking knees and suck my dick or im leaving right now" I could see the defeat and humiliation all over her pretty face and that just made me even harder, she slid out of her chair and got on her knees in front of me. Now shes very short like 5 feet tops with nice breast and she is chubby but very cute i tell her to unbutton he blouse which she does and guided her head onto my dick.

    I really wish the blowjob had lasted longer but seeing my hard dick in this bitches mouth who i hated so much and seeing how absolutely humiliated she was made me blow my load in like 2 minutes i gave her no warning just dumped my first blast into her mouth then pulled out and came the rest on her bra. She spit my cum on the floor and the image of her sitting there on her knees trying to wipe my cum of her bra and shirt and gagging and spitting my load out will stay with me forever.

    I kept my word and took the rap and got a week off but it was all worth it to make that stupid bitch suck my cock.....fuck you A

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    You should have fucked her homie. And I'm a black dude BTW. You should go back for seconds
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    Agree with #1. You should have fucked her bare and planted your seed deep. Then you could get her to give you some tongue on your dirty dick.

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