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    Straight Female / 22

    I need to wake up every morning at 5 to head for college.Today morning my alarm clock went dead and when i woke up it was 7.As i had a compulsory college session,i had to be on time.I just put on my clothes and rushed to catch a bus.
    I was dying to pee but i thiught i could control and reach college.
    Nd do u know what the worst thing was?the bus was crowded,i didnt get a seat and had to stand.As the bus took turns i felt my bladder exploding but i still controlled.
    But when the bus came over a speed breaker i was done.I could feel warm pee trickling down my pants.For few seconds i felt so relieved but the very next moment i realized i was standing in the bus and every single person was staring at my pussy and the shower that was still trickling down.People at the back of the bus started laughing.

    To double my embarrassment a women who was sitting with her baby right in front of me digged into her bag,took out a baby diaper and told me,"My baby doesn't need it,u need it."I was so ashamed that i got down from the bus at the veey next stop.But that was my greatest mistake as whoever saw me in the streets started laughing.One girl came to me and asked how old are u? I said 22.
    She said i wanna take a selfie with a 22 year old girl who pissed her pants.

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    I suggest u to try adult diapers..ððð.T hey should help u i guess.
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    my husband has me pee my pants in public on purpose. He loves seeing me publicly degraded. It's embarrassing yes, but I get the fuck of a lifetime every time I do it for him.

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