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    Straight Male / 52

    I have been married to my wife for 30 years. She was 18 and a virgin when we met and she has never had sex with another guy.
    Over the years I have fantasized constantly about watching her being fucked really roughly by other men.
    Guys are constantly trying to chat her up at social events. She is a very attractive woman. 48 years yound, blonde, blue eyes, 34DD breasts, 5'5, slim....great legs.
    I have told her that I don't think its fair on her that I have had other women...before we married (and a few during our marriage that she doesn't know about) where as she has only ever had the pleasure of one cock...mine.
    She says that she's not interested in having sex with other men, even though I have made it quite clear that she has my permission - not that she needs it.
    I was talking with a friend - work mate of mine who now knows of my fantasy and has offered to try to seduce my wife. I have seen his cock.....don't ask.....and it's a good solid 8 inches and quite thick. Mine is 6 inches and thinner and I know that given a chance my wife will love the way he fills her with it.
    He told me that my wife has kissed him and allowed him to fondle her breasts....with clothes on, allowed him to slide a hand up her skirt and rub the front of her panties....making them quite wet, but stopped him when he tried to slip a finger into her. He seems confident that maybe sje'll go all the way next time.
    Do you think I am making a mistake?

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    Sounds really hot, and would be a huge turn on for me if I were in your place. But everyone is wired differently. She may go with the flow at some point and let him finger her. At that point, depending how easily she is aroused, and how much hotter she gets when aroused, she might drop down and suck his cock, and then spread her legs for a good fucking. So far so good. BUT...once she's experienced another mans cock after having only had yours, you may open a Pandora's Box. She might start really noticing other guys, and checking out the bulge in their jeans. Next thing you know, she's a Hotwife. Word will spread that your wife likes to play the field. If it snowballs like that, are you prepared to be sharing her with any stiff did that she decides to fuck? Or she may try it, say that it was fun, but she's happy with you. What would you prefer? My wife has played the field with a few guys. They became regular sex partners for a few years, then it just became a hassle for her trying to meet up, and work all of their schedules just for fucking, or mostly a quick blowjob, all the while trying to keep it discreet. One guy was actually her best friends husband. I didn't find out about that one until her friend confronted her about it. They rarely speak now. Let me know what you thoughts are on this.
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    I shared my wife with my boss. She enjoyed and now i am cucky
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    Once she gets a different cock you will lose her to multiple fuckings and possibly to another man.

    You're a fool if you are on board with pushing her on to another mans cock. She'll think "if he really loved me he wouldn't want another man to fuck me".
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    I am in the exact same situation a sexy wife and I've been (according to her) the only one. I would never encourage her to fuck someone else. Once they get that other stuff, it opens the floodgates.

    Dont do it. I've seen guys lose their wives and a good relationship like that.
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    Count your blessings. Leave Pandora's Box closed and sealed.
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    I've had three women in my life who were into getting some on the side, under the right circumstances. It is hot to hear about, hotter to watch, and if it gets in the way of the relationship, then ce la vie. Depends on your priorities, I enjoy watching a woman I'm dating get fucked in front of me.

    If they want it too, but turn into a whore afterwards, then that's who they are. I know quite a few couples who play together and separately, and they don't have problems, if anything it seems to strengthen their relationship.

    If you think of your wife as an object, treat her poorly, and act like you're God' g*ft to her, then you don't deserve her, and she is right to go out and screw around, as you're not worth her. But, if you have a strong bond and mutual respect for one another, and have some interest in doing this, then sit down with her and have an honest discussion. Don't just throw it out there, try to make it happen, then be all 'woe is me' when you want to establish boundaries after the fact. That's a bitch move, and you deserve what you get.

    Be true to yourself and her and you'll be fine.

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