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    Lesbian Female / 25

    We had a family reunion at the beach. There were cousins and aunts and uncles I had never met. We got permission to build a bonfire on the beach. Someone said lets go swimming, some one took off their clothes and we all took off our clothes, it was dark with a small moon, the only light was the bonfire, naked kids all around, some college kids and some ten and twelve. I was fourteen and being naked felt good, seeing the other kids felt good. My new cousin wanted to pee so I took her behind the dune, she was ten with small tits and light pubes. I stood beside her and held her hand to pee. Then I squatted, opened my legs and peed. I had midsized boobs and a very hairy vagina. Letting her look felt good. After I peed I opened her legs and looked at her.

    I remembered that night and would a get naked whenever I could. After college I went to the Peace Corp in Bolivia. I worked in a small town with this Nashville girl who went to Sewanee, it took months before she got naked with me. She was small with small tits and a very bushy vagina. By then I was heavier with full tits, heavy hips and a very bushy vagina. She had a pretty face and so did I, getting naked like that felt good, we stared until we laid on the bed to touch. The word got back to the Peace Corp that we were sleeping together and we were tossed out and went home.

    The forbidden fruit had crossed our lips and we couldn't live without it. We moved to Costa Rica and worked in the computer gambling business server warehouse in a small town on the coast. No one cared that we slept together, or that we watched hours and hours of lesbian porn. We were near a small beach where we could just get naked and we did, we started a sort of nudist beach. It was an amazing year, then we had to grow up and go home.

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