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    Straight Female / 46

    My husband and I have been married for a long time. We had our ups and downs. Had affairs and done wife========swapping. During the past several years there was no sexual excitement in our marriage. We talked to each other how society has changed. Age gap relationship, same sex relationship, race relationship and even animal sex is ok now a days with society. We started to talk to each other about our dark fantasy. We both would like to have sex with a younger person twenty years younger or just sex with someone else just to spice things up. We decided to try swinging again. We knew it was a long shot of finding a younger couple interested in us seniors.

    We decided to go to a Greet & Meet posted on the internet. We seemed to feel out of place there. We felt like old farts. Suddenly we wanted to leave when we spotted a fellow church member couple there. They was late 40's. We hoped they didn't recognized us. As we headed out towards the door they waved for us to sit with them. We felt foolish and embarrassed because they was about the age of our sons and daughters. "Who knew we find fellow church members here." and they gave out a laugh. "Especially seniors!" They bought us a round of drinks and introduced themselves as Debbie and John. Debbie was short and chubby but attractive for a lady of her age. John had a medium build on him and a great smile. "You ever been with a couple our age?" they asked us. "No, but was hoping to get hit on by a couple around your age to spice up our marriage." we answered back. We said to them this was a big mistake for us. "Why? Because you could be our mom and dad, also feel guilty by being a church goer?" John asked. "Yes." we answered back. They explained to us that wanted to do a role play fantasy they been watching on the internet. That's why they was here. Finding some couple that could me a mom and dad to them. We said we'll pass for now and thanked them for the drinks.

    That Sunday we met in the church parking lot and walked in the church together. As we walked out Debbie and John invited us to brunch. While eating, they explained how they can spice up our sexual desires and make their fantasy come true. It would be a one time thing. We could play it out next Sunday if interested and John handed us their number. As Bill, my husband, and I was driving back home we discussed John and Debbie's offer. "What do you think Bill?" I asked. " I think this will stop our desires for younger if we do it with them Peg. Hell! this may be our only chance. Why not!" Bill said to me.

    In the middle of the week Bill called them and told them we'll do it. Out in the church parking lot I felt embarrassed when they said, "Glad you can make it mom dad." I sat between John and Deb while Bill sat on the other side of Deb in church. Deb placed my hand on John's lap and she placed her hand on Bill's lap. While having brunch they explained that I will be in the bedroom with John having sex and Bill would catch me. For revenge Bill will call Deb and have her give him head in front of Peg. Bill and I understood the fantasy. Again I was embarrassed when they said they're paying the tab mom dad.

    We followed John and Debbie to their place. They showed us a porn video that they want to play out with us. I grabbed John's hand and pulled him into the bedroom. "Time to pleasure mommy!" We undressed and I really wanted him to pleasure me of what I saw. He told me to get on my hands and knees and slipped his penis into my vagina thru the back door as he grabbed my hanging breasts. "Mommy likes her sons cock?" as he screwed me. Boy! did I ever. Just then Bill came in and screamed out like he was suppose to in our play. I told him I needed to get pleasured somehow since he doesn't do it to me no more. "This is the reason!" he yelled and called out to Debbie. "Suck your daddy's cock!" "Yes daddy." Debbie said pretending. Bill and Deb got naked. She had pink pointed nobs on her chubby body and camel toe bare slit. "Does my little princess love Daddy?" They got in the bed with John and I. John's cock was in me and Bill's was in Debbie. We fucked like there was no tomorrow. To my surprise, Deb went down on me. She said to John to fuck mom's mouth while daddy's cock was in her ass.

    This was a wild unexpected pleasure for us. Bill would tug his dick while watching Deb, John and I in a threesome.

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