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    Straight Male / 40

    One of my fantasies is for my wife to ask for an open marriage with her being in control of all aspects of our sexual activities.

    She would make do as she says and would bring home her female friends for me to orally satisfy - always after their husbands, boyfriends or lovers had just fucked them. If licking her friends clean made me hard (and it always would), I would be made to pleasure myself so they could watch. I be required to shoot my load on their bellies and then lick it up and swallow it.

    I would be my wife's cleaning man, licking her female friends clean after they had been fucked. She would make a new rule in our house: Any time she has been fucked, I must lick her clean - even when she has been fucked by other men.

    I have to wonder how many wives and girlfriends out there would find such an arrangement insanely hot. A lot of wives and single women would love to have this kind of relationship, I would think - but the vast majority who would like this set-up are probably too afraid to make this kind of proposal to their husbands or boyfriends.

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    So have you told her this is what you want?
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    That sounds like a pretty good idea to me. I'd love a relationship like that. But, how do you bring up such an idea? You can never tell how a woman might react to something like this. I've had one girlfriend from my past that I know would be into having me eat her after I fucked her, and would have definitely let me eat her after she fucked other guys. She loved telling me all of her slutty fantasy's. I'm not so sure if she would have been into letting me eat other women out though. Even if they were freshly fucked, just so she could watch me eat other guys cum from their pussy's. She wanted to be the one getting all of the "Extra" sex. Had I married her, she would have been getting all the extramarital sex, and I would be cleaning her afterwards. I would have been her Cuck. Still pretty sexy though.
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    I have not told my wife about this fantasy but I am thinking about letting her read this post. I would ask her what her thoughts are and then if she finds this to be hot for her, i would tell her that I am the husband who wrote the post.

    If she would be into this (and I think she would, as she is very sexual) maybe we could try this out to see how it goes. She and one of her single gal friends could go out on the town drinking and dancing and come home full of other men's come. I could then lick them clean as an experiment to see if my wife likes this. A few days later, we could all sit down together and talk through the experiment to see how everyone feels about it afterword. We could then decide to either consider it a one time good deal or we could conduct a second experiment to see how that goes.

    I have a hard time imagining that any married woman these days wouldn't jump at the chance to try this.
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    My husband and I do something similar. I have his permission to go out and get fucked by other guys and the rule is when I come back home he needs to be the last one to fuck me, he loves to feel me wet from other guys cum and he licks me and gives me his cum. Itâs fun!
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    Does it ever become a quest of sorts for you to find a strange cock to service just so you can take your loaded pussy home for your husband to fuck / eat? Like, do you have a regular Friday night where you hit the bars looking for new cock? Do you have regular, repeat lovers with big cocks or big loads that get you in the mood for your husband's efforts? Do you live in a small enough town that you have developed a reputation as an easy married slut? Have you taken multiple loads from different men home to hubby on a given night?
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    I am the original poster. Fuck, that is HOT!! Do you think your husband would agree to me licking you clean after you let another man fuck you?

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