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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Male / 31

    Its been only 2 years since we married. I was fucking my wife and asked what if there is another cock in your ass, she said I am crazy. I said being cuckold is better then cheating wife. She said, I wil not cheat you honey,

    Next day I was in office and she sent some nudes with caption, enjoying double penetration.
    Me: So you really want it.
    She: Not exactly, just joking.
    Me: If you want, I can call mike for dinner.
    She: Are you serious?
    Me: Yeah, why not.
    She: Fine, I will make steak and fries with red wine and I want to to call my friend philip also.
    Me: Can you handle 3 cocks.
    She: I want to try.
    Me: See you at 7PM.
    When I reach home with mike, she opened the door, she wears red gown without bra her deep cleavage was amazing and nipples were hard.
    Philip was already there. We ate dinner and i asked my wife philip knows why you're invited him?
    She: NO
    Me: So whats the plan?
    She: You just call them in bedroom.
    So I just called both of them in bedroom.
    I hugged my wife from behind and said we have a surprise friends and I opened her gown, her boobs came out. Both were pissed off and said WTF. I said come on friends my hot wife needs some rough sex. Both came closer and started kissing and fondling. I sat on sofa and watching my wife with 2 cocks in her mouth. Then she came to blow me. Meanwhile mike started fucking her. Then we all went to bed. Mike was down and philip started to fùck her ass. She was enjoying I was amazed. We all changed our position 1 by 1 and enjoyed mouth pussy and arse. Then she sat down and and prepared for the facial. I asked honey what if we discharge in you ass. She said I want to be look alike pornstar. We all laughed and shoot our cum on her face. It was all covered by cum. I clicked many photos for memory. I was happy that I was not cheated.

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