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    Straight Female / 36

    It's hard for me to do this confession. I don't condone cheating and have always been disgusted by those people who do. My husband and I were invited on a vacation to Belize. Both of us were excited and thankful , the company he is working for paid for everything. A large group of us were put up in a very nice all inclusive hotel. Once there and settled , everyone met for drinks , lots of drink's. It was very hot most of the women including me were in bikinis or bathing suits , men were all in shorts , with no shirts. The alcohol flowed and being constantly offered to us by hotel staff. After quite some time the crowd started to disburse and people were going back to their rooms. My husband was waisted drunk and falling everywhere. I was approached by his supervisor and the owner who offered to take him to the room. I thanked them and went ahead and waited for them. It was about 5 minutes later when I heard a loud thud and laughing outside the door. I opened it to find my husband laying on his back and the two men standing there laughing because he was out cold. I bent over and tried to drag him in they helped and we barely got him far enough to clear the door. When I stood up the owner gave me a hug , but was very handsy. I just froze when the other started touching my ass through my bikini. When he broke the hug his hands grabbed my tits it wasn't soft or by accident. It was hard then he said you're a sexy fucken woman. His supervisor behind me said yeah and you have a great ass. I was so nervous literally standing over my husband as his bosses continued to become more and more aggressive sliding their hands inside my bikini and then undoing it. Still I didn't move or say anything. They spread my legs and were fingering me . One said she's fucken so wet and the other said bring her to the bed I want to taste it. They softly sat me on the bed and took turns going down on me , I came several times. The owner got up by the head of the bed naked and pulled me up and was holding my head as he put his dick in my mouth. Immediately the other one got behind me and started fucking me. I could hear my husband snoring as the men came. First in my pussy then my mouth. I rolled on to my side and the men stood up. They came to the side of the bed and started touching me all over. The supervisor started putting his dick on my face until I opened my mouth and started sucking him. His boss stood and watched. Then started laughing and said she wants more. He was stroking himself and to the other one to drag me to the end of the bed. Where he spread my legs and fucked me. The other was playing with my tits. His boss said man it's all hot and wet in her . The one playing with my tits said because I came in her. They both started laughing and then he said well I'm going to cum in her loose c**t too . And he did. I looked on the floor and saw my husband sleeping and motionless as the supervisor took the place of the boss and fucked me again. Once he was done they didn't say anything they just put their shorts on, stepped over my husband and left. Since the trip which was just this last winter I have met with them on multiple occasions , I keep telling them that this has to stop but it hasn't.

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    This initially boarded on r**e, but it sounds like you didnt try to stop it.

    That you are still meeting them tells me you wanted it to happen and you enjoy getting it from them, regardless of what you might be telling yourself.

    It sounds like you want to blame them so you can feel like you didnt want it to happen and they "forced you". Maybe initially they did, but I bet you could have stopped it.

    If this is true...
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    I could have screamed or stopped it. The truth is I don't why I let it happen and continue to let it go on.
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    You keep letting it happen because ypu are a piece of shit whore.
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    You could stop it if you wanted to. Thus, whatever it is you're getting out of it is apparently worth it. Otherwise you wouldn't continue.
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    I realize that I can stop it when I choose. I don't know why I continue to do it. I agree that I am acting like a whore. Thanks
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    I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I hope you are ok and take care of yourself.
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    Thank you , I am having a hard time dealing with this. I'm doing my best to take care of myself. Thank you so much
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    Have any of the men you're fucking suggested bringing in more for you to service, make it a real gangbang with loads of men? Have there been any threats that they'll tell your husband if you try to quit?
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    #1 here: Think of the consequences if you get caught. Is the sex worth losing your family? If it is, be prepared for the consequences and enjoy it, if not, find a good excuse to ease your way out of it.

    The other concerns would be they could threaten to tell your husband to keep you going to them or could make him lose his job.

    Maybe you could tell them you are having some medical problems where you couldn't do things with them anymore.

    Hopefully they don't have pics or videos.
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    So they have mentioned that it would be hot if I met them and a few others at a hotel. I haven't done that yet nor do I ever bring it up. Yes unfortunately there is a couple videos that I know of but I have asked them not to film any others.

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