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    Straight Male / 26

    I am a straight Guy that enjoys jerking off I am happily married however when my wife is not around sometimes I like to jerk off watching videos of other guys jerking off I think if given the right opportunity I would like to try to jerk another guy off just to see what it would be like to feel stroking a dick other than my own Iâm making somebody come from stroking besides myself. When I was in college I saw my roommate jerking off and he made no attempts to hide it ever since I like to watch videos of guys jerking when I am jerking off .

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    Do you have kik , I'll jerk off for you.
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    I'm a straight married guy too, and I like to jerk off. Sometimes I lick my cum off of my fingers after I finish. My wife would shit if she knew I lick my own cum. I have seen a video of guys jerking off once, and it was pretty interesting. I have fantasized about jacking with another guy, and even jacking him off. I've wondered what it would feel like to touch, and stroke another guys stiff cock. And to be perfectly honest, I've wondered how far I would go if I were in that situation. I mean, if you've already got another guy naked and aroused, and you're stroking his cock...I might even want to taste him. I have wondered what it would be like to move closer, and have my face only inches from his cock as I stroke him off. I feel pretty sure before it was to far along, I'd just move in an start licking the head of his cock, especially if I saw pre-cum. And then hopefully both of us would be so far past the point of no return that I would just go for it, and start sucking his cock. If I got started, and he didn't try to stop me, I'd suck him and use all of the techniques that women have used on me, and let him cum in my mouth.
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    Try glory hole. It is safer and you will be able to get varieties of cocks to jerk and suck.
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    I'm a straight guy, but I have wondered what it would be like to jack-off with another guy. But I'd like to go a step farther. I want to get our body's together, and wrap my hand around both of our cocks, and stroke both of us to a cum shooting orgasm. Hopefully both at the same time.
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    I've always wanted to jack off another guy until he came. I love the way a cock looks when a load of cum comes shooting out.

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