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    Straight Female / 39

    My son has a nice dick and I want it in my mouth!

    When I wake him up his dick is always out and rock hard.
    He usually grabs it and strokes few times before opening his eyes to tell me he is up and asks to give him a minute.
    I leave the room with his door open and can see him starting to masturbate from another room every day.

    It turns me on and I cannot stop thinking about him.

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    If his cock is always out and rock hard when you go in it's not always coincidence and he's not always asleep when you come to wake him up. I'd be willing to bet that some mornings he's laying there with slitted eyes hoping this will be the morning you finally touch his hard on.

    Try waking him up one morning with your hand or mouth on his cock. Once he gets over the initial shock he'll cum buckets for you. But be warned, if you let him cum in your mouth he'll be wanting pussy soon after.
    18 days ago
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    Omg you should go for it! I always tried getting my mom to, she was just to scared. Start becoming more touchy and friendly, mention that you notice his wood, compliment him on it!
    18 days ago
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    Incest is better and safer compared to an outsider,where you can be exploited,video-recorded and extorted or abused by many of the partner's friends.

    Go ahead with your son and don't let anyone know.He should follow suit.
    17 days ago
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    For goodness sake get on with it! Your son is giving you very clear messages that he wants you, I doubt though that after a while he will be content with just a suck.
    17 days ago
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    Attitudes have changed over the last 30 years, and to some extent, given how weird some people are... This is pretty tame... But none the less, a very powerful feeling exists between adolescent sons and their mothers for a short time.
    I was once (sadly for only a few short months) in a position to take part in sexual play with my mother, my desires was not intercourse, just to perform oral sex on her and to have her queen me... It happened, it was pretty amazing, but that was the one and only time in our lives we were intimate... Never spoken of again, never even alluded too.

    As per other replies here, he obviously wants you to go there... So why not ?
    14 days ago
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    It seems that you are attracted to his cock. You may stroke his hard cock and masturbate him. May be if you two agree, give him a bj. Lets see how far you two can go. I don't think it is anything wrong to have intimate relationship between two consenting adults, may it be between mom and son. Rather it is safer within the safety of home.
    14 days ago

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